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RE: It's just a see you later, thanks for everything Fabio

in Proof of Brain2 months ago

If I had not seen an entry for this contest earlier, I would have thought you are truly leaving

But then even if you were leaving, we have all had fun together, learned together, and grew together.

If we get to say goodbye one day, we will still be able to use the lessons earned here in real life and that is even more important than the cash we amass on a daily basis

great entry. I wish you luck in the contest

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Aun no voy a retirarme, creo que tendran un poco de mi por un tiempo mas, y concuerdo contigo que lo aprendido es mucho mas valioso que el dinero, tambien quiero recalcar que dejarte un comentario en español es algo a proposito, solo para variar un poco, saludos y gracias por pasar por aca!

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Now leaving a reply in Spanish wasn't so fair because I had to translate it.......hehhehehe

But thank you

And I am happy that you agree with what I said

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Hehehe excuse me, it was only at that time now I will send you in English, thank you for being a pillar in the interaction of this community. I think you are worthy of first place in comments!

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Oh, thank you for your appreciation. This will go a long way to motivate me to do more.

Thanks again

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You aren't a latin person? Wow, didn't you write posts in Spanish? Now this is embarrassing, sorry for the comments in Spanish.

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Lol. There is no problem. No, I am not a Latin person, and I don't write in Spanish unless I use the translator

but I was just pulling his legs when I said that....I was not upset

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Oh, ok. And I didn't think you are upset, if a person gets upset by having to translate something, then this person is not using internet right.

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