What are you eating? / first part

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What do you eat?


Food is part of our daily routine, consciously or unconsciously they are part of our life, they can influence for better or for worse our mood and even our health. A study carried out by researchers from Nationsl Geogrsphic concluded that an average person of 78.5 years of life can eat an estimated 50 tons of food and 50 thousand liters of drink, taking into account this defined food as any product suitable for consumption , capable of providing the nutrients that an organism needs to live, these are composed of water, immediate principles such as fats, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and carbohydrates among others.

There is a very big difference between nourishing and eating, this consists in the fact that while eating is simply the extreme action of ingesting food to survive or satisfy hunger and nourishing is the biological process by which our body obtains nutrients (micro and macronutrients) for their proper functioning.

"Our generation is well fed but malnourished" and this is because the food we eat does not always contain the necessary nutrients for good nutrition.
From a functional point of view I can classify foods as follows:

  1. Energetic foods: in its composition, predominant substances that will be used by the body as metabolic fuel to produce energy, an example of them are fats and carbohydrates (sugar, oil, bread, potatoes, cassava among others).

  2. plastic or forming foods: they are composed mainly of proteins and calcium and are responsible for the formation and renewal of organic tissues. They are meat, fish and dairy.

  3. Regulatory foods: are those products rich in minerals such as (Fe, CL, Na, K, Mg) vitamins, minerals and their destination is to help in the metabolic reactions of the body, this group is made up of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, among others.

This is just the introduction to this wonderful world of food. In one installment I will be telling you about macro and micro nutrients, their function, also about fatty acids and how food influences your life throughout the day. So don't miss it

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