A great ego classifies us as mere mortals, and a pressing situation vindicates us.

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I will never forget when I was in the fourth year of medicine, the master classes given by an excellent surgeon whom we will call Dr. Cam, had the ability to quickly capture my attention and an example of this was when he taught us to Practice the different stitches in a A device that he had made with a couple of nails and some small wooden boards, there he demonstrated his ingenuity and passion for both his career and teaching.


Dr. Cam came from a very humble family from the coastal port area where the hospital was located, specializing him as a general surgeon with great sacrifice.

It was a kind of simplicity with an imposing Ego, since he had a lot of knowledge, a good combination of operative technique that made him a creditor of great prestige and monetary gains since at that time doctors were well paid in the public sphere and in the private sphere as well.

It comes to my memory as if it were today, the moment when we were gathered in the shock trauma room (the place where polytraumatized patients from accidents or injured by knives or firearms among others were received) in that place we were students 4th, 5th and 6th year intern (recently graduated doctor), R1 (who is a surgical resident who chooses to better prepare for postgraduate studies) R2 (they are doctors who are going to graduate from surgery), just when we were all gathered waiting for the arrival of emergencies and at that same moment Dr. Cam enters and says verbatim: since they are all gathered I want to make clear the hierarchical order in this place, "I am God", R2 and R1 They are the angels, the interns are the fallen angels (demons) and you students are "mere mortals without powers," he concluded the sentence with a friendly laugh, turned around and went to the operating room.

The following week, Dr. Cam's brother arrived at the internal medicine emergency at dawn who presented with an acute myocardial infarction, recalling the aforementioned ranges, generally from midnight to 5:00 a.m., the shifts are distributed between students and if there are some emergencies according to the complexity of the case in the order of hierarchy, that is:

If the student cannot solve the emergency he calls the intern, if he cannot solve it he calls R1 and R2 and finally the specialist takes care of it.

It can be imagined that the simple Mortals received and stabilized Dr. Cam's brother, in a situation which no matter what rank you were, he had to act quickly in order to increase his chances of life.

Just the next day when they found out what happened "the surgeon god" approached the "mere mortals" (students) and thanked them for what they did for his beloved brother. From that moment on, Dr. Cam's. and big ego were not the same.

He changed completely, earning the respect and affection of all the students, to the point that he became one of the Godparents of the class and the thesis tutor of another group of which he once came to classify as "Simple mortals. ".

The moral is not to let the ego rise and humility disappear. There is nothing more beautiful than humility, simplicity and gratitude. If we practice it, the doors open and we win a thousand blessings and genuine friendships. His Dra. Irina González says goodbye to another letter.

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I am glad that the mere mortals had been able to save the life of Dr cam's brother and this incident had changed his Ego

We ought never to let humility disappear from all of our lives, that way the doors of blessings and genuine friendships will be opened to us

Great entry, I wish you luck in the contest

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If, when I saw the word of the week, for now I had no better anecdote to translate into letters than the one that happened with this excellent Dr, and what I always treasure is how an act or gesture I can change the whole equation so to speak!

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what I always treasure is how an act or gesture I can change the whole equation so to speak!

I guess this is why my favorite author usually said "We should not always listen to people's words, but the results of their actions"

Of a truth, actions does speak louder than words

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Sometimes people need bad things to happen for a change to occur in their lives.

In his case, he realized his positioning were bad and could immediately show gratitude because of the expense of having to had lost his brother.

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I agree with you

Losing something especially someone you love and care about can have a certain effect on us

I am happy Dr.Cam had the positive effect from this event instead of the negative ones

I am saying this because there might be someone in his position, who will find ways to find faults in the medical process that was carried out on his brother...... just to prove his standing

But Dr. cam showed utmost humility and that was a good thing

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I am saying this because there might be someone in his position, who will find ways to find faults in the medical process that was carried out on his brother...... just to prove his standing

Lol, this is really true.

It's just the set of people that wishes the sky to come crashing down before they embrace change.

A dangerous kind.

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The dangerous kind it is

they will never accept change unless the sky crashes down as you said

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Thanks for your story.

It is something happening everyday and everywhere...!

Truth is, most people that seem bad ain't bad deep down. Ego is what they see as qualifications. It only takes experiences like this to mellow them and bring them to realization of the better path.

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If it was an experience that not only left a teaching of life in him but in all of us, who at that time were considered the lowest in the chain of command within a hospital!

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Lovely story thanks for sharing, how was he after would, return to ego or stay humble?

From being someone with a great ego, he became a better version of himself, there we could learn more about his humble origins and perhaps because at that time he determined us with your low appreciation!

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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An incident that corrected the slip to the super-inflammation of the ego. I wonder what would happen if the doctor's brother didn't need that medical intervention. How would Dr. God have evolved?

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Well... Mere mortals taught Dr. Cam a great lesson, right? Good to know he has changed and I hope the change has been effective and definitive (for his own good).

Great writing, @drairinagl7.

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