THEME OF THE WEEK: What makes you happy?

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Hello and welcome to my page. I am @daniky and this is my entry to the theme of the week's contest, an initiative of @vempromundo. Kindly move on with me as i tell you about what makes me happy.



Happiness emerges from a pleasant and healthy state of mind and wellness. A happy mind is a healthy mind. I derive happiness in whatever gives me and others joy. Ever-since I've noticed the mystery of life, i now found more reasons to be happy as life is too short to spend being sad.

The following below are what makes me happy;

1. Work-free day
Every end of the week in Nigeria is said to be a work-free day. Most government establishments do not open on Saturdays as this moment is said to be utilized for advents which include traveling on a
trip or picnicc, holding or attending a wedding party and other occasions. Whenever it comes to saturdays i utilize this moment to rest, wash my clothes and do other weekly house chores as a bachelor.

2. Month Ending
This is one of the period that gets me happy. Month end are known to be moment you're paid your monthly salary. No one will be sad to receive his/her wage or salary at the end of the month as this money will be needed for your daily upkeep and your family as well as making ends meet.

3. Good Music
I'm a fan and lover of good music and sound. I love playing the musical instruments as it inspires my mind, giving me the sense of joy and fulfilment. I love listening to both Contemporary, Jazz and gospel music as well. I like listening to songs by these musicians which include The Late Michael Jack, George Benson, Tuface Idibia, Kirk franklin, Harvin Slaughter, Donald Lawrence, Deitrick Haddon, Tyte tribbette, Marvin Sapp, Mary-mary, Damita Haddon, Hillsongs, Cece Winans, Richard Smallwood, Hezekiah Walkers, Don Moen and the like of others.

4. Happy People
I feel happier to meet happy people. I love people who are lively and do not extremely keep to themselves. Meeting happy people ignites the sense of happiness in me.

5. Helping the Needy
I love donating to charity. I've worked with various charity non-governmental organizations and it's indeed, an awesome experience. During my act of charity, i feel more fulfilled coupled with the sense of satisfaction and peace within my mind.

Happiness is expected to be a norm and a way of life. It activates and promotes the flow of healthy and happy chemicals of the brain giving us a sense of joy and satisfaction. So never stop being Happy and determine never to be sad irrespective of the challenges you face in life. Stay safe and Stay Happy.

I wish to use this medium to appreciate @vempromundo for hosting this initiative and wish to call on interested hiveans to be part of this wonderful contest. Kindly scroll below for more details and do have a wonderful moment.

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