POB Word of the Week: "Persistence"

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Hello and welcome to my page. I am @daniky. This is my first day of my participation in the "Word of week" contest, an initiative of @calumam. Kindly follow me as i briefly describe the meaning of the word "Persistence" and how we can apply this to our daily living to earn success as a desirable reward.



Nothing great in life is achieved without persistence. Based on my proof of brain, i think the word Persistence simply means the ability to continue on a course of an action or activity despite the challenges. There's always a challenge on any successful way. The challenge might be a risky one that may result in loosing all you've worked for years, and despite this, you rather keep moving on without giving up.

Persistence works in hand with passion because you cannot persist on someone, something or a course you're not passionate about. Passion is the true test of persistence and without it, success will definitely be difficult to attain at the end. When you persist towards acheiving your aim in life, nature have its way of making sure you achieve such an expectation provided you stick to the principle of persistence.

Like an author on the blockchain, it takes persistence to succeed on Hive and its tribe communities such as the #proofofbrain. Despite the fact your posts are not receiving the desired support you wanted, you never give up the course of blogging and engaging with others on their posts. Persistence as its reward which is Success.

In due sense, It will be ideal to never ignore the place of persistence in whatever we do in Life because you never can tell how close you are to your success.

So hiveans, keep blogging and engagement as you never can tell who your major supporter will be next.

My appreciation goes to @calumam for initiating this @pob weekly contest. I also wish to use this medium to invite interested hiveans to be part of this wonderful Challenge.

Thank you for stopping by and do have a wonderful moment.


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I agree with you

Persistency without passion may not lead anywhere because once we encounter obstacles, we are most likely to give up

But if we are passionate about what we do, we will see our energies build up even in the face of danger

As much as hive is a bog platform, and it might get difficult to be noticed, being passionate about writing, and motivating ourselves on a daily basis will give you the attention we desire

Consistency is key in all endeavors

I wish you luck in the contest daer

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Thank you so much @edystringz. You've said it all and of a truth, consistency is the key. It's nice to have you here engaged on my post and do have a wonderful moment.

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