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RE: POB Update: Ecency Front End, Possible POB Store, and Ads

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The beauty of #pob is in its being the most valued tribe token on the leodex or hive-engine. I believe that this fact alone is driving a good amount of users to the platform. Content, engagement, curation rewards, use cases are no doubt important but if the token prices start falling then pob will lose its beauty. Though there are no traffic details available with me, the ad revenues would not be substantial to reward the users for their engagement efforts.
I believe that creating the liquidity in the market to avoid the price fall is essential. So I would recommend that we keep these funds in the contingency reserve and buy the #pob from market when it reaches a certain lower threshold say like 1 hive per pob. I will pray this should never trigger the situation, but whatever POB's are bought only at a certain price levels would then be used to fund future project developments such as pob-fund.
By doing this, if we are able to generate say $12 from ads then it would be just lying in that account. If the price triggers immediately then only 24 POBs would be bought (assuming hive at 0.5), but if say for a year we accumulate these $12 then at the end of year we can buy 288 POBs.
We need risk management strategy to support our price levels too. This fund can be a good beginning.

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