500 POB in 17 days ! - My downvote is on !

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This is a little celebration post I'm writing here to motivate the community to power up.

I worked hard in these 17 days and I respect my investment.

The investment could be in form of tokens you earn or in form of time you spent.

When I hit 400 POB in two weeks I decided to share some strict tips to grow here : 400 POB in 2 weeks - Strict tips !.

I'm not kidding and I will let my dark side a bit on. Because I hate spam, plagiarism and any abuse !

We need to fight that all together to have a healthy platform. That's why my downvote will be on !

In Proof Of Brain my upvote is about 0.8 , that could be removed easially from a spammer.

In hive I have an upvote of $0.5 , so be ready to lose $0.5 from your hive post if you are a spammer !

I will not miss any post by the way. Because I always check the new page and there are many people doing the same.

So, if the spammer decide to post from an other account, we will find him/her anyway !

I'm also reposting plagiarism in Proof of Brain channel. I even found some already muted in other tribes.

Today I started downvoting and I will expose those spammers not only to discord server, but in the blockchain so everyone will be aware about that !

Here is what I downvoted today : https://www.proofofbrain.io/hive-150329/@barder102/albinisim

I use https://www.duplichecker.com/ to check plagiarims. I guess what, this guy have 97% !

I also told him/her in the comment :

Adding References doesn't mean it's not plagiarism. Unless you are the creator of those websites and you can prove that !

But he seems replying me so, he claim that's an original work.

He said :

Why this?
Go and ask @scholaris and @onealfa.
It's not plagiarism.

I said :

Check it here : https://www.duplichecker.com/
And please prove me that the websites in References are yours.
In case you prove that, I will remove the downvote, and upvote back with 0.8 POB and $0.5 in hive !

I'm serious about that. If I did a mistake I will correct it !

But, my downvote will be on in case I find plagiarims. I was sure that the content is plagiarism unless he/she will prove me the opposite.

I'm sorry to be strict in this post. But, I don't think we have an other way to fight the abuse !

I will not trust someone just because he said that his content is original !

Let me know in the comments if I'm doing it right !

I'm here to support quality content and to not let abusers profit from us !

I'm always ready to say sorry if I did a mistake. I'm a human being !

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You are doing all right. Very right.
Count on my full support.
I cant upvote this post atm, as I'm accumulating my powers. Not only pob & leo, but also Hive, btc, eth, etc.
Serious war actions seem to start rather soon. I'm almost ready.

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Thanks for you're support in this. I'm sure about you as well. We are all here to great a great community. And of course we will fight abusers and liers.

Best Regards !

You are doing nothing wrong , if plagiarism will be allowed and we won't take action against such users then why should a good user give time in writing a pure original quality content.

they can also do the same and just copy paste a article or any stuff from internet.

That's not how it works so you have done justice on using your downvote power.

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Thanks for supporting. I'm glad so many understand the issue here. I always liked it here because of so many likeminded people. Good content should be rewarded indeed and the abuse should be eliminated for sure.

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If it's plagiarized, hit the downvote button harder...

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Thanks for motivating ! I'm sure I will !

And to think I saw that post earlier today and something just didn't feel right about it so I just overlooked and
passed it.
I am glad that at least someone had to go through the work of running it in a plagiarism checker.
you are doing well. I hope you fish more of them out and expose them.

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For sure. My goal in fact is not to fish them, I just like to curate a good content, but when I feel someone is cheating, I have to do something about that. ☺

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And that good. Who doesn't like to reward good content? Downvote the hell out of those cheaters lol

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It is a team effort that will keep the quality of our posts high. Consider, if you can, dropping a link in our discord channel if you have any future suspicions. Someone can check for you if you don't have the time.

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Yea you are right . I will try doing that next time I come across any

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Impressive growth! Kudoos for that and a !BEER to celebrate.

What does that plagiarism checker will say if the post is also on publishox for instance? From the same author!

Great to read that others are also checking the new section.

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It can show the sourse of the plagiarism. You may go there, check if that a regular website or a social media with the same name. Maybe someone don't have the same name. So, we may ask to prove if that his content or not. Before dowvoting maybe.

I think the mistake usually most people do is not discussing before dowvoting. I will do my best to discuss, but if my intuition and experience makes me feel that's a sure plagiarism, I may not waste time.

I case I am mistaken, I will remove the downvote and put an upvote depending on how I like the content or return the same rewards the post had before downvoting. I think that's right to do !

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I appreciate your efforts. I just wish it wasn't you alone and I think we should all bring up our concerns.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for providing the opportunity for a correction. It's something I started doing last week and it's been refreshing to see how some people corrected their work. It says a lot about a person in both cases.

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For sure we need more people doing the same, only that way we will be able to find all the abuse.

Correcting our mistakes is really important to not look like tyrants. We want a healthy platform after all.

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My thoughts exactly. A healthy and stable platform is key for growth. I think it's worth the effort.

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Let's fight hard against all those who want to damage what we have worked so hard to build.

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For sure. We may find them all if every single legit one will find them and report them to the community !

Some people do take the advantage of adding references to plagiarize but it is not really meant to be so. Sometimes, if I choose to take something from the internet, I do so to reference a point and Idea I am trying to make (in my words)... And taking from the internet into a post does not mean one should go all copy paster from top to bottom from the Internet.

For sure. If we take a little part and talk about it, it's ok. But not to take all the text and copy past it here or the most of it and write some words about it. Even if we quote it, it doesn't mean that's we are allowed to share it. We didn't take the permission from the owner, or the website to share it here. Such people who use always there methode to create posts could be not only downvoted, but also sued by the author !

Hmmm.... For sure.. I get your point.

Good man, nice to know someone's keeping an eye on SPAM, I find it a real irritation on SplinterTalk too!

I also use my DV from time to time!

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That's great. If everyone use it time to time more spam will be found. Glad you use it as well !

Sweet next 1k. 🧠💪

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For sure. I will work for it !

I disagree with you. There is nothing worse than to act as thought police. There are many ways of expression. As you can see, I have upvoted your post, because it is a valuable opinion.

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What do you prefer to do in case you find someone copy pasting content from the web. Like the one I found 97% plagiarism ? How would you act ? I just don't like spam and I would like to know how to fight it correctly ?

Plagiarism is a legitimate reason for downvoting. At the time of the downvote the proof should be provided for the world to see. Also illegal activity (proven too). However, my experience is that self-righteous people with some HIVE POWER or powerful in LEO or POB use the downvoting when the do not like the post, or when they believe it "is too short" . When they do it, they seem to enjoy the fact that they are able to do it. It only reflect a personality problem and a tendency for abuse.

I never do that. No matter how bad the idea is. Thinking that much about if I should downvote the plagiarism or not proves that. I really don't like to downvote anyone because I know what could happen after. I'm aware about those who downvote for an idea or an opinion. I was downvoted many times for that and I'm afraid always to say may true opinion. But I can write a content that gives hints to my ideas. So, I didn't mean to be the police here. I just see it unfair when people work hard to write original content and someone just by copy pasting things may earn even more. I would never downvote for an opinion or an idea. Ideas should be respected if that's original.

By the way thanks for upvoting me from time to time. That means a lot to me !

Yes, I have followed you for a while and I do like what you write. Keep the good work, always be positive!

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