The goals that I propose to you, achieve it, not to try it.- Lucio's syndrome

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Hello my friends, I have been absent because first my brother was sick, I made a post asking for help, then I got sick, from there or I could write, I was at rest, But well after I regain my strength, here I am back sharing my post with you. This is today's post:

Many times in life we ​​have not proposed goals, which along the way have been abandoned, for various reasons, the vast majority due to the different obstacles that are presented to us, we insist and fall, we do not prioritize our objectives, we allow ourselves to be overcome by the fear or until a moment comes when our mind is blocked, we look for excuses not to continue with this goal. Today in my post I tell you do not set goals to just try it but to achieve it. But at the same time I am talking about Lucio's syndrome? If you don't know what it is today, I invite you to read about it.


Who is Lucio?

First I will tell you who Lucio is, he is a large fish, very fast that he has the ability to devour small fish or even the same size as him, so much is his desire to eat that he drives him to go after his prey without the fear of size, or the quickly, it always gets its food.


During a test with this fish he left a great teaching to the scientists and psychologists, who observed in the experiments that we human beings have a relationship with this fish in the experience carried out, in the way of acting on some goals when we do not have it.

Experiment: Pike Syndrome

The fish in question was placed in a tank divided into two parts by a transparent glass. He was on one side and his food (some small tents) on the other. The first thing this fish did was try to have lunch that feast that was in front of his eyes. But when he was reaching the prey he hit the glass.

He tried again and again until he gave up and changed direction by swimming in the fishbowl portion of him. The researchers removed the glass, but Lucio continued to behave as if it did not exist and did not try to access the food again, remaining on his side of the fish tank, he did not feel interested in eating. The fish approached it, it reached up to touch it, it seemed that in the mind of the great carnivore there was no desire to return to feed, the days passed the great fish died of hunger and being surrounded by food.

Experiment results

Psychologists called the attitude of the person to give up what he wants as Lucio's Syndrome, because when we try to get something we try until we give up, and not until we get it. This is registered in our minds that later will recommend us not to do the same again. In man, when we go from not achieving a goal, a defense system cannot be activated, ending our dreams and goals, until many times this syndrome can even take away the desire to live safely, to continue fighting to see how our dreams are They have collapsed, we have not found it.

This is the same as the story of the elephant in the famous story by Jorge Bucay. This elephant is chained when he is small, he fights for his liberation, he gets hurt and there comes a time in his life that he stops fighting against those great chains that deprives him of his freedom, this elephant grows and continues to believe that he cannot be liberated, His desire and desire to fight were activated by a defense system that makes him never look for a way to free himself again.

Just like the fish and elephant that get tired of fighting, it happens often to us, despite the fact that after that goal that we could not achieve, in time the conditions have changed, we obtain new knowledge or skills, we do not return to it. try because in our experience resides the memory that we will fail.

Do not give up

So do not give up, do not say "I have tried enough" or "there is nothing else I can do", look for new alternatives, because when thinking like this with excuses our brain is blocked, we must ask ourselves questions where our brain turns on and be active to seek solutions and not excuses. Let us bear in mind that there is always change and transformations, if today it has not been possible, try it tomorrow or next month, and that nothing and nobody conditions you and change your beliefs and thoughts. You don't even have the right to do it.

Think of Lucio the next time there is a task that is too difficult you have to face ...


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Interesting publication. I did not know anything about Lucio ... Humans have that evil, we are afraid of things that we cannot achieve or cannot control. Our evil, nothing is absolutely controllable! Greetings, welcome back. 😊

Interesante publicación. No sabía nada al respecto de Lucio... Los humanos tenemos ese mal, sentimos miedo por las cosas que no podemos lograr o no podemos controlar. Nuestro mal, nada es absolutamente controlable!. Saludos, bienvenida nuevamente. 😊

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