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Hey there you guys how was your day I hope it was a blast because I really want you guys to enjoy your day so now let's talk about how I passed my day I had a lot of CHORES piled up which I didn't do regularly so these are the things I did today


First I had to buy wheat which I bought from farmers at a cheap price than the market because it's wheat harvest season so lots of farmer harvesting their crop and I bought them from my friends so I got it little lower than market price


I bought around 200 kgs wheat 🌾 which is equivalent to 440 lbs for the whole year for a family of 6 people we Pakistani use wheat as our main source of food here

I had to carry them on my back ok and climb stairs to dry Them in sunlight before storing them in small silos my silos can hold up to 600 kg of wheat

And I hope you have a peaceful day and peace out @aiovo

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