I Just Got My 3rd Year Happy Birthday Badge On Hive 😍

in GEMS6 months ago (edited)

Hello All Dear Hivers,

Yesterday when i posted my post on Gaming Community, i got a comment immediately and i got curious to know what comment i got because i knew it was a bot Comment for sure.

So i got this.


Ohk I Know It's Small. How About This One Then.


I totally Got emotional and Excited at the same time yesterday, because i never thought i would still Blogging on this platform that i joined 3 Years ago.

And how this platform changed my thoughts and knowledge on cryptocurrencies over the time.

I simply want to thank you all my supporters and friends here to Give me this motivation to keep going on.

Thanks a lot.😍🙏



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Congrats, that's a great achievement, 3 years can go by so quickly :)
Imagine what we will be after a decade

😛 We might be become Whales on Hive By Than 😅

Jokes apart, i really never thought i would stick to Hive for So Long. It was a Journey That Made me understand cryptocurrency so deeply. I always thankfull for this to the whole Community.

WTG on your 3 year birthday on Hive. I am at almost a year now and looking forward to many more to come. It has been surprising how fast the time has gone so far. A year ago I would have never imagine that I would be here on Hive and earning crypto currency just from doing posts and curation.


It's quite extraordinary Experience for me too. Hive and it's bloggers helped me to Learn and understand more about cryptocurrency each day and because of hive iam still investing into cryptocurrency each day.

Well done @thecryotrader - as a newbie I am impressed :) thats quite a milestone, keep going and I hope to still see you here when I reach 3 years :)

That's the spirit buddy. Enjoy your journey in Hive and after 3 Years we might be become Whales Here 😅