4 Reasons Why You Are Not Taking Action

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Do you want to stay in the same place as we were yesterday or last year? Probably not. You want to change. You want to do better in the future. Still, you do not see any change in your life. Why?

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Ask yourself a question to find out why. What action have you already taken to make it happen? Maybe you just wish for the change, but you did not take any action. It sounds great when you say that you want to do something for personal development. People around you might congratulate you on that. It might feel like you have already accomplished something. It is just a feeling, you cannot change anything with that feeling unless you take action.

Let's talk about why you do not take action.

1. No plan

You have some good ideas about what you can do for personal development and change your tomorrow. If you just keep them as an idea, your idea will stay there forever. No matter how great your ideas are, it has almost zero impact on your life unless you do something about it. Even if you do not want to something with your ideas, you can share it with others and some people might take action and make it a reality.

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To make a change, you have to plan for it. You can write your ideas on a notepad or a piece of paper. It will not happen automatically. You need to break it down and make a plan of action. When you make a plan, then it comes to the execution of the plan.

2. Make excuses

Now I make videos. So why I did not make videos earlier, I made some excuses. I saw people were making videos. I saw their progress doing that. That time, most of the people who made videos are vloggers.

I got a feeling that you had to make videos and show your videos. Then other people would appreciate that. Other people will not support or appreciate it if you do not show your face while making videos. Later, I made some videos just to see what happened. I got support, so the reality was not like that.

You know you have to take action. But you are not taking any action because of excuses. I'm not saying that you are completely wrong about what the outcome would be. But the fact is, you will never know until you take action.

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3. Doing the same thing

So I made some videos, but I did not continue making videos. I wrote blog posts as I did before. That's cool! But I should have continued making videos. If you want to see the changes, but keep doing the same thing, you will not get any different results.

You have to make your move to do something else and see the outcome. Sometimes you have to keep doing the new things for a certain period of time and only then, you will see the progress. If you give up, you will stay in the same place.

4. Don't measure your progress

Today I check out how I'm doing. That's one of the reasons, I'm writing this post. You do not take any action and think everything is doing well because you might not measure your progress. When you check out how you are doing, it will help you to figure out what action you need to take.

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For your personal development or in order to grow your business, you have to keep track of the progress. If something works better, you can do that more. If you miss something or you do not do something more as you have planned, you can do that. Measuring your progress is a very important factor for personal development.

So what do you think about why people are not taking action? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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I like this one:

I'm not saying that you are completely wrong about what the outcome would be. But the fact is, you will never know until you take action.

And why people don't take action? I think that the most usual thing is that they wait for approval from others, family, friends, society... which has no sense, but I found that as a reason a lot of times...

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When you want to do something new that other people usually don't do, you might not get approval even from people who are close to you. They reply like what if you fail. When you take action and after a certain period of time, they might approve that seeing the results. You will not get approval if you are in the waiting line. so taking action is the only way.

These are very good points and I think I have done all of these (or haven't done these!). I think we are all guilty of this in one form or another, but pushing through those obstacles & showing up to do these things is what is necessary in order to succeed.

I notice now that I am a vlogger, when I do the same type of content for a period of time, I tend to get bored & feel "stuck." So, now, for me, change is definitely a necessity. As a matter of fact, I am in the middle of making a plan to change things up to keep things interesting (but not mess up my audience either!).

Thank you for this awesome post. I really enjoyed reading it and it's a great reminder for us! :)💖

Sometimes we struggle and cannot take action. And that's the reason for being in the same place. When you start taking action, you see things will change. Thank you so much @pixiepost for your comment!

Great post @rezoanulvibes! The reasons for not taking action are all related to goal setting and moving forward in our lives.

When you set your goals, you know which direction you have to go and how you should move forward step by step. Thank you @lisamgentile1961 for reading this post and giving your feedback!