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RE: Tips and Tricks to make the most out of the Credit Card | Money Talk

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Although I don't use credit card but I can understand what message you are trying to convey in this video that people should not take the credit card for granted. They must use it only when it's really necessary do you did for shopping or making payments. All these things are quite useful if a proper discipline is followed but if not then it can be a problem for many to manage there expensive and income .


Some of my friends are also not using credit cards because they believe life on debit side is more comfortable to them and they do not want to be on paying cycle of credit cards. I think that this is something very personal and depends upon the kind of preference and choice and if one decide not to go with credit card it's fine however I like to use and in fact I use it a lot but again I follow a proper discipline while using it. thank you so much for stopping by .