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RE: 4 Reasons Why You Are Not Taking Action

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These are very good points and I think I have done all of these (or haven't done these!). I think we are all guilty of this in one form or another, but pushing through those obstacles & showing up to do these things is what is necessary in order to succeed.

I notice now that I am a vlogger, when I do the same type of content for a period of time, I tend to get bored & feel "stuck." So, now, for me, change is definitely a necessity. As a matter of fact, I am in the middle of making a plan to change things up to keep things interesting (but not mess up my audience either!).

Thank you for this awesome post. I really enjoyed reading it and it's a great reminder for us! :)💖


Sometimes we struggle and cannot take action. And that's the reason for being in the same place. When you start taking action, you see things will change. Thank you so much @pixiepost for your comment!