A New Reality, A New Mindset | Mindful Mondays Ep 31

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As a content creator, my journey has been one of ups & downs, so full of lessons & joys. All of it has helped me grow into the person I am today. Looking back in hindsight, it astounds me how much I have truly learned...

Seeing my first video I had created for my YouTube channel really showed me that. Then, I came across my friend (& fellow content creator) Ade Torrent with his latest vlog...

And wow, it resonated with me a lot...so much so I knew exactly what my Mindful Mondays video would focus on...

So, with this vlog, I sit down & share with you my path & how important it is for others to tell their stories....

Big shout out also to Brandyn (aka Freedom Fighter), whom I had vlogged about last year. He also had a big impact on my path last year. He even inspired one of my best Mindful Mondays vlogs where I shared some of his story in "Seek Your Freedom".

There are so many of you who have helped me in one way or another. I thank you for that. You know who you are! ;)

Until the next time... ;)


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Good day to you

Good day to you, too, my friend! Hope you are doing well! :) 🤗💚

Thanks for stopping by!


Doing normal.

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Thank for this.

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You are so welcome! Thank you for take the time to watch my vlog. I really hope it has helped. :) Sending blessings! 💚


You inspirit me.


Wow! I hadn't read your blog entry when I watched the video and I was wondering what was going on with you sat there looking nervous and hesitatant in a badly lit place with a bicycle on the wall... Maybe this YouTube thing is a big new project for 2021 that's kinda freaking you out, I thought! LOL! What an amazing "before and after" transformation.

The rest of the video was interesting for me too. As you know, I can blather on in front of a video camera, but usually about a specific topic even if I go wandering off the point every now and then! I haven't tried simply sitting down and talking about whatever comes into my mind, stream of consciousness style...

Thanks for the thought-provoking video.

HA HA HA! I bet that threw me off at first! I did put a recorded date on it, but unfortunately it wasn't on the screen long enough so it's easy to miss...

It's crazy to see how far I have come with video content creation. I wasn't comfortable at all at first but it got easier as I continued on. That's why it's so important to stay the course if it's something you truly want. :)

I think when I am in the flow, I tend to create better content...I rarely script my videos. I may write down certain points but not word for word. It doesn't make me comfortable if I do. We all have our different styles but I think just turning on the camera & talking sometimes really puts us in our true flow & shows our true authenticity...

I would love to see you do this. Your videos are always enjoyable & I bet you would make a great video in the "flow." :)

Thank you for your kind words & great to see you!



In the early days of my video journey I read my blog articles, but got some useful negative feedback. It's not what people want to see. It works much better the other way around - talk to the camera and then repurpose the video content as a blog post. Nowadays, when I make a video it is for a specific purpose but I don't write down notes. However, I quite often have to start again from scratch, sometimes several times over, until I feel I've got it right. Even then, I often trim out the flab once I've uploaded the video to YouTube.

Perhaps a "Stream of Consciousness Video Challenge" for February would be in order. Hmm. "WARNING: You are about to exit your comfort zone... Mind the gap!"

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Thanks for the great message, Jenn! I have to admit that doing the interviews makes it easier to be on camera but I have to get back to doing the daily videos like I was before Mom passed away. Thanks also, for sharing your first video. You're always a positive influence and inspiration.

Hey Lisa! You are doing a fantastic job with the interviews & you really went out of your comfort zone to do something no one else was doing. That takes a lot of courage & I am sure you have seen yourself grow in the process. It's amazing what a small step can do for inner growth in general.

I don't doubt you will get back to your daily videos when the time is right. It will be interesting to see how you notice the shift within. As I said in the vlog, you never go back to the things you used to do it with the same perspective. It can be in a higher vibrational state or maybe you will realize it doesn't serve you anymore & that you are ready to move to a new type of creation. The skies the limit! :)

Thank you for your kind words, my friend. I enjoy doing this content & am glad I can be a small part of your inspiration. Keep crushing it! :) 🧡


Thanks, Jenn! I have almost a week now of doing daily videos outside of the interviews. Those are fun and now I have to find more new people to interview. Have a great day and thanks for the ENGAGE and WINE tokens.

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Thank you, @misterengagement! Enjoy your day! 😀

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It’s important to just let it flow if you really wanna get down with your bad self 😃

I also have a YouTube channel and it’s funny, I don’t care much about growing it, I’m just doing it to reach that extra 2-3 people for now, and if I manage to bring them to hive or NM with the mention and link, then great!

My friend was thinking of doing tarot videos but she feels nervous cause her English isn’t that good. We will see if I can convince her!

Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

He he yes going with the flow is so important in things like this. Otherwise, we hit resistance & that makes things so much more difficult when they don't need to be. :)

That is awesome you have a channel as well. (You will have to let me know the link so I can check it out!) It is funny - when I stop worrying about the numbers & analytics, I noticed my subscriber base started growing. Energy doesn't lie, I guess lol....

I hope your friend DOES do tarot videos. That would be cool for her! I have done many oracle card readings as well (before I started channeling messages on my own). I love crystals, etc as well so I get it :) We will encourage her. The more she practices, her English will get better, too. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by & the awesome comment! Sending pixie dust! 💚



Are you into Abraham? I would love to get a bunch of people from that camp over here making posts about manifestation stories.


That’s my channurl.

I will try to convince my friend to make her videos public so I can share them !

Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

Oh yeah! Abraham Hicks - absolutely. I listen or watch the videos semi-regularly. There's so much wisdom within it & yes, manifestation is a real thing. There are different ways of doing it but I learned resistance should not be a part of it. (I learned that the hard way lol.)

Thank you! I will check your channel out :)

Yeah, let her know that I know several people from my past #2020Vision challenge I created last January, which allowed participants to get out of their comfort zones. A few started making videos & English is not their first language. They got better at speaking it as time went on, which was empowering in itself :)

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