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This is a topic that a lot of people won’t discuss - anxiety.

Sometimes it’s due to the fear of being judged or ridiculed…sometimes it makes us too vulnerable…sometimes we just don’t want to deal with it & push it deep inside….

Like so many others in the world, I deal with this word almost every single day. It is not easy & it’s not something you just “get over.”..

Howvever, this doesn’t have to be a life sentence….we can find ways to manage anxiety and empower ourselves while working through it…

Today, I step out of my comfort zone & present the Empowerment Through The Anxiety mini will explore the different aspects of this condition & give you ways to become more proactive with it than being reactive…

FYI: I am not a licensed psychologist or any type of medical professional. This series is just from my perspective & my way of helping others through this state. My hopes for you that it helps empower you, even if it’s just a little ;)

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I like this format of video that you have done... Not that we don't want to see your face, but it's interesting to see different things... ;)

Tbh, I didn't pay attention to anxiety too much in the past... I was always explaining it with stress, and with being nervous... but it is a lot more than that...

I hope I will learn more about it from your series... Thanks for helping others!

Thank you! I wanted to try something different - that's the fun of experimenting with various topics & footage. :)

Yes, I felt very much the same way & didn't even worry about anxiety for a long while. After experiencing it once again recently (in different ways), I realized it's a much deeper phenomenon.

So, I hope the series will help others & ultimately let them know they're not alone. We can all lead productive & healthy lives, regardless. :)

Thanks for your kind words & support! :) 💚

Thank you for doing a video about anxiety, I know that I experience this from time to time and my son also has this issue. Very interested to continue seeing the rest of this mini series.

It is interesting because so many of experience it; yet, so many are afraid to talk about it. I hope you & your son are doing okay. Hopefully this series will help at least one person & it will definitely be a learning experience for me as well.

The first video will be coming out next week! :)

Beautiful video Jenn :-)

Thank you so much Achim. Your kind words mean a lot. 😊💗

Keep up, nice series to empower through the anxiety. look forward to having more in this mini-series.

Thank you so much. It will be a learning experience for me as well. :) I hope you will like it! Great to see you :) 💛


Good Morning Cuddle Kitten! Hope you are having a great day! :) 💚

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