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As we go through life, we have many people who inspire us & keep us going in our own path. Sometimes they appear in your life for a short time as you both learn the lessons you need to learn. Others stay as you build strong bonds & relationships of various forms…

I am constantly inspired by people in my community, both online & offline. It encourages me to keep going in my own own truth & be supportive to others…

However, a month ago, I came across someone that really impacted my life as well as many others. His name is Freedom Seeker aka Brandyn & he has been telling his story on YouTube. As he goes along, it becomes more than that….

It also does away with the excuses that people have when they choose NOT to persevere in life & business...

In today’s 20th episode of Mindful Monday, I highlight him as well as others. If you have never watched any of my videos before, do yourself a favor - watch this one & watch his. It will empower you...and maybe allow you to walk away somehow renewed...

Zoltan @ph1102 video:

You Support Me, I Support You .:. The Secret of Engagement

Freedom seeker's video:

Homeless in Las Vegas 2020. My story.

You need to watch this right now. click now. This one is for you...

Infinite Waters (Ralph Smart):

🔴 Infinite Waters - LIVE - The Worldwide Great Awakening

Today’s Music: Homeless Soul - Fleurs Douces

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Thanks for sharing Brandyn's story, Jenn! I was watching his videos and following his struggles... and it is really inspiring for a lot of people... His determination, right attitude, faith...

And what I found even more remarkable is the progress and growth that he made in this short time... And how you can see in his eyes a difference between now and "then"... Life can hit us hard, and we can look lost, but when there is a hope, there is a way... He had hope all the time, and he found his way... And he has inspired a lot of people, and I have a feeling that he will even more in the future...

Thank you for inspiring others with this awesome Mindful Mondays series, and I hope that we will see a lot more of these videos!

Thanks for the mention! Appreciate it!

You're very welcome. Your video inspired me as well. And I really appreciate your kind words. It has been fun making the Mindful Mondays series so it definitely isn't going anywhere. I have some fresh new topics coming soon as well...

As for Brandyn, he really is a gem. His story needed to be told & it shows that the "I support you, you support me" mentality even went past this video. He actually commented on my YT version and wanted to connect. Even if he hadn't done that (because I wasn't doing it for that reason), it would've still given me joy to know that others could be inspired by him...

So, it really feels good to help someone even in a smallest way. I encourage others to do similar things because you never know who's life you can is more important than ever to encourage & uplift each other in times when you don't see it as often....

Thanks again, Zoltan. You are my rock & thank you for the support! :) 💗

Thanks Jenn for being a very caring person.

Aw, thanks for your kind words, Sheila. Just being me .... we all should support one another & be the light in the darkness sometimes... if this story can help one more person, I know Brandyn would be delighted by that! :) 💚

Interesting that you shared this! I was just having a conversation with a CTP member about this...How important it is to tell your story.

We might not always think what we have is important or valuable, but it's HUGE to share it. You never know who is watching or reading, plus it makes you so much more human.

Great reminder Jenn!

It's amazing how your story can touch people in ways you may never know...and Brandyn really touched hearts out there with his...

And yes, it DOES make you more human. We are all more than statistics & business brands -- we are people first with real lives, real families, real problems & real joy...THAT is what is the most important, connecting with others..

Because, really, we have been connected all along...🧡🙏🏻

Very interesting post and video it is important to be grateful for what you have.

Me and my wife was homeless separately for over 5 years each and met through that experience.

We got together after we got ourselves sorted, now we live in rural England raising a family together it is important to remember whatever your going through to try and keep your head up as nothing is forever.

Wow, I did not know that. That is an inspiring story in itself. You both went through hard times individually, but in all of that, you found each other & grew together. I would love to hear you share that full story.

And you are so right - keeping faith, even if it's a tiny amount, helps you keep going. Because nothing lasts forever & every season we go through makes us a little bit stronger if we allow it too....

Thank you for watching & commenting, Ben! You inspire me as well & keep up your awesome content :) 💚

I will do a video on it at some point soon @pixiepost kind of been wondering what to do my next video on here still having problems because of this hard fork using Hive so kind of been putting it off to focus on other things like my personal development.

Keep up the great work and have a blessed and successful week.

That is good you are always working on that. I am constantly doing the same, even if I don't talk about it lol.

Yeah unfortunately this HF has been a bit frustrating. Today I got a slow and late start & it's been difficult just to do the usual things even. So today is going to be a no video day, I think. There will be one tomorrow. This way, I can focus on other things as you said :)

Thank you & same to you always! 💗

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