Living in Fear - Simple Logic #4

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I really enjoy my crypto journey here on the Hive and LBRY decentralized social media networks... I have met so many great people here, and I can't thank enough for every single one of you... Yes, it looks like there is no community on LBRY, but there are creators that are watching others and interact... I had a couple of my favs that I like to watch... I had even bought a gimbal by a suggestion of @scottthetruckdriver!

As I respect all of them, seeing some suffering and living in fear hurts me also... I would like to help them in some way, but I'm not sure how... I understand that everyone has its path, and I can't walk on that path instead of someone... But, I can maybe open some mental processes that can help someone... Maybe...

It's the beginning of September and our children went to their first classes this schoolyear... In this crazy new world... Parents like parents, have their fears for children, probably worrying too much... It was always like that, and it will always be... But, is it the same as it was before? Are those fears the same as earlier?

And children? I remember when I went (back) to school after my summer vacation... I was waiting for September 1st to see again my friends, to play soccer with them on the recess, exchange collectible cards... How is it today? Do children wait to go back to school and see their old buddies?

I have told my opinion and concerns about this (and some more) in the video... Please check it out...

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I would suggest to every parent (and not just to them) to watch a movie La vita è bella (Life Is Beautiful (1997))... It's a great love story about family, imagination, hope...

Posts that inspired me to create this vlog: by @andrewn and by @jangle

Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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That was a very nice video! I totally agree with you that this fear is just paralising everybody. There is no need to be afraid. We simply have to live with this new situation. In some religions they have not been eating pork for centuries. Why? because pork was carrying diseases. Human can adapt to dangers and they can make new habits. We simply have to adapt and stop this fear. Being afraid weakens our imune system and exposes us even more to the virus...

Being afraid weakens our imune system and exposes us even more to the virus...

I would say that the worst and the biggest killer of all is stress... Which comes from different causes, and one of them is fear... It's impossible to live in fear for a long time... And I see people in my surroundings that are living in fear whole this year, and they are slowly losing mind... You can't control it when it is in a "late-stage", and this will not end tomorrow...

It's time to break those chains of fear, and living a normal life... I know that it sounds weird in these circumstances, but there is no other way...

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate your courage to say your opinion... People are scared even to comment and say their thoughts...

This is so true. Living in fear never helps anyone. Having these emotions is perfectly normal & should be acknowledged & processed.

However, when we STAY in that energy, that's when the problems begin. Aside it from being awful on our physical health & interfering with life activities, it can impact others around you. You were right when you said, fear grows. It is unfortunate but so on point.

When we choose to come from the love frequency, we are in a much better state. Sure, it's not always easy & it takes a lot of self care & protecting your own energy a lot of the time. But it is worth it. It's the only way we can step OUT of fear & make the best life possible. We are not here to suffer or give our power away.

My love goes out to all of you who are dealing with this. I, too, have struggled but the more we take back our power & remember that there's so much more than meets the eye, the better we will be.

Thanks, as always, for reminding us of these things, the things that matter. You are an inspiration :) 💚

A harsh reality to be schools would open in a week here but the kids could put on the masks and that social distancing, let it be over once and forever, hopefully. Nicely elaborated!

Thank you for your kind words...

Unfortunately, people don't see farther than their nose... This thing will stay very deep inside the children of today... Who knows how long will they play this virus game, and these children, when they become adults will have serious issues with social interactions...

They already have that problem and it will just grow through time... I hope that I'm wrong about it...

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