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I was in my room today just thinking about life and I couldn't even figure out how the world is going now I sat down alone at home I was lost in thought that I didn't know when I started crying

just because of the way I went into thinking. In this life there is one thing which is inevitable which all other things can be but when we say DEATH, no one on this earth can escape.

There are many generations that has been in existence before our fathers and mothers were given birth to come into the world till it gets to our generation and the sure thing which will surely happen is that our generation will also pass and new one will also come into existence and for this generation to pass, it will only come through death because everyone has to pass through it.


Death can come in many ways just

  1. .Hard way..
  2. ..Easy way .

But what I just observe this recent time is just the way people die like the rate at which people die is alarming, before if a person die, we could know the cause of the death but when we look at this recent time people can just be walking and just fall down, then the next thing we hear is that the person is dead or let's just look at someone who just sleep and didn't wake up again without having any form of illness, in other word the person is so healthy and look good without any odd feeling in the body before the incident.


Of recent why I wrote this blog was because of my friend who just lost her mother a few days to her birthday, it met every everyone in shock because no one saw that coming, someone who is so healthy and they are already planning a well to do birthday ceremony for her, but the saddest part is that all the items bought down for her birthday will now be the one to be used for her burial.
This incident left me in shock because I now started thinking that is this how people just die like that unexpectedly.

And I get to know that there is a place to be after death and what we call this death is just like the path way that we lead people to the place beyond where people in the past generation have gone to, I mean our fore fathers. But death is an inevitable thing in this life which must surely happen to everyone.