I Am Alive Challenge - Day 111

in GEMSlast month

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Hello all friends,

This is my day 111 of participation.


Hello all friends.
Yes I am Alive...
Thanks GOD for blessing. It was a good day with GOD's blessing.
Thank God the bike has been repaired and now I can use that. The mechanic confirmed that their was a issue with the wiring he has replaced the defective one and now Motocycle is ready for use.
In this video I talked about covid situation and my CTP goal also..
Thanks all for your cooperation and support.

I thanks to @flaxz for the initiative.
For more details and participation please check the link.


Curation Trail

@bradleyarrow setup a curation trail and you can check he details and how to join the trail by clicking on this link

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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how are you dear friend @ guurry123 good night
It is good that you have been able to fix your vehicle, mobility is very important to have. I appreciate that you let us know about this situation, I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night

Thanks for stopping by !bro