I Am Alive challenge Day-189 Corona infection cannot be ruled out in idol immersion yesterday.23rd October 2020

in GEMSlast month

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Hi beautiful world!
Welcome to all..
The idol immersion is proposed here tomorrow, for which permission has also been taken from the administration. But the biggest question is, can a crowd of people be prevented from gathering? In fact, it is a religious event in which people participate extensively. Being a local event, a crowd of people is natural. The idol is immersed in the Ghaghra River, located about 8 km from here. In which most people take part.
In such a situation, the potential risk of corona infection cannot be ruled out. Also hardly anyone follows social distancing or uses mass. Although the administration is already cautious about this, they also have to retreat in front of people's hysteria and faith. I do not think it is a good time to gather such a crowd. If our life is safe then next year we can celebrate this festival in a better way. Otherwise it is like hitting an ax on one's own feet.
Thank you..

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Namaste🙏, Nice topic is it, please try to idol immersion with minimum gathering, as river is far so took tempo or handcart to idol carry purpose, Please be safe with family and friends and also try to educate others in your society or nearby area. Right sentences "Otherwise it is like hitting an ax on one's own feet", 👍