I Am Alive challenge Day-180 Six consecutive months, kept myself alive..14th October 2020

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Hi beautiful world!
Hope you all will be fine..
This is my #IAmAliveChallenge updates that is happening around me..
in this video I have focused about the statics taking covid-19, especially that is happening in my country, in my state and in my district..
Along with changed lifestyle with which we are living this time..Although we were not mentally prepared for this change, but gradually the circumstances were changed and we also changed our mindset, now the ways of living have changed..Life may not have improved, but the path of inflation has definitely opened..Were we expecting this good tomorrow? Surely answer will be in negative..
The fact is that we have to keep ourself alive.. we have to do the things that can keep away this covid-19 from us. Hope my all friend doing their best to keep themselves alive..
Thank you

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