I Am Alive challenge Day-188 Recent highlights and update 22th October 2020

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Hi beautiful world!
Have a great day..
Life is on track but the speed it should be is not visible and all this is happening because this epidemic has affected the lives of all. School colleges have been opened since October 19, but with some strict guidelines, in addition to this, factory, business, industries are going on but people are still unemployed at home. The biggest reason behind all this is that the economic downturn has affected people's lifestyles. People want to grow their business in some way, so try to work as little as possible.
The situation is definitely under control with regard to the epidemic, especially at the state level.
While the number of active cases is declining every day, although the number of confirmed cases is still increasing, it will be controlled soon due to the good recovery rate. As we all know that orders have been given to carry out all the activities to make us self-reliant. Now it is our moral responsibility to continue our work by following the rules so that we can protect ourselves from anything untoward. .
Thank you

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How are you dear friend @certain good afternoon
It's good that things are a little better over there, and that schools and businesses are starting to work, it's a shame that people haven't fully recovered their jobs.
It is as you say, you have to pay special attention to security measures and keep yourself safe. I really appreciate that you shared this information
have a wonderful afternoon