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having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.
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On this planet/world all the place everyone seems to be competing, there are two sorts of people, those that lack shallowness after which there are those that are so egoistic, that fawning is way from their sight and actions. It is advisable to be “perfect” in each way and even imagine that you just are so, but you'll want to be meek for respectable relationships in your life. It's of core significance to be courteous with the intention to be a greater good friend and life partner. Your loved ones won’t stick with you longer for those who are an conceited and snobbish person. No want to fret though, just like the indisputable fact that you may have realized you lack this quality, it can carry you nearer to being one.

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There are few things that you can do to be humble with other and that will sure improve you indeed

  • Admit that you might not be the best in everything-
    May be you are Good at something but there is always someone who is better then you in doing what you are best at. if you are good at something that doesn't mean that you are alone with that talent this is big world my friend there will be sure more like you. everyone have there limitations and you must acknowledge that.

  • Recognize your fault -
    it a human nature we all used to look up on others and point there mistakes or bad habits they have done. judge other and sure that will make things worse some times indeed. we should improve our self and change the way to think if you have done anything wrong except it and be ready to take the responsibility this is really good quality. Not many have this quality.

  • Be Grateful for what you have -
    we all should be grateful what we have this is the best way to thank others and that will have many benefits you can read this post for more info. Always be grateful what you have the more you have the humble you should be. Do this daily while "Thanks a lot for the good and bad thing that I have phase today I will be ready for the new day after I wake up"

  • Appreciate others.-
    It is very simple just appreciate others when you see others doing good things that will boost them to do it with more confident. You just have to complement them for their work and share there work with others. If you can help them in anyway if you can do them don't show what you have done just be in the shadow that will sure help them.

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