First Experience with Signal App - IAmAliveChallenge#215

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Hello Everyone,

This is my day 215 submission for I am alive challenge by @ flaxz and I am glad to participate in this wonderful program.

Today in this video I had talked about WhatsApp recent issues and people started moving to alternate apps like signal app and telegram so I did download signal app today and tried using it for some time. because in this case having communication people and will also not create big issues.

I am very happy to mark over 200 days with this fantastic challenge of Iamalivechallenge. I am happy to be part of this initiative and I will keep on sharing my submission everyday

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

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I haven't heard about the Signal app, I will try this application though I use WhatsApp, telegram, and messenger mostly for communication...

I also got to know about the signal app a few days back and because of the WhatsApp issue, this is getting more popular. Telegram is also good but its UI should improve. Whatapp is best but not cool as its going to play with our information and data.