Splinterlands Battle Share Challenge with Exploding Dwarf from Fire Splinter

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Hello Game Lovers

The weekend is almost over and I am drafting this post of my battle share for this week. I am happy to share my battle with you guys and hope you will like it. This week once again I am slightly late but these days I get time to share the post on weekends only. I wanted to draft this post early but could not do it because of some other tasks. Today I have played lots of battles but yet to finish my quest for the day. This season has just started and I am trying to enter the higher league of Gold so that I get rid of the restrictions of using the limited power of my cards.



Battle Video and Information-

I played this battle with Fire splinter and use this week's theme card Exploding Dwarf. I planned to put the Flame Monkey in front of and Chicken at last. I wanted to save it from the attacks. The opponent player played with Earth splinters and placed Unicorn in front which is a very much powerful card. I got 13 mana for this battle and I think this is quite low so I managed to pick 4 cards including chicken.

My Battle Strategy and Cards Placement

I got 13 mana for the battle with Closed Range battle theme and this much mana is very low but I managed to pick 4 cards within this mana cap including furious chicken. This time battle theme is for Exploding Dwarf and its from Fire Monster. I have this card in level 3 Gold Foil. This is not a new card to me and I have been playing with this card since the beginning.

  • Flame Monkey
  • Cerberus
  • Exploding Dwarf
  • Furious Chicken

Flame Monkey

Money is a small card that costs only one mana and at this mana sometimes its a good card for battle especially for low mana. I put it in front to save other cards from the attack and this strategy worked well for me.


Cerberus is like 3 dog heads combined together and it has the power to restore its life after each attack and that's why I picked it for the battle. It was certainly a good choice that I made.


Exploding Dwarf

The dwarf is a theme card and its in fire splinters. This is a good card for the attack but not to bear it so its always suggested keeping the card in the middle or at the right place depending upon the battle theme.


Furious Chicken

Now since I did not have enough mana and there were many slots empty so put it to occupy one slot and this card is best for this reason. Its a complimentary type of card but still a better option for zero mana cost.


Direct Battle Link-


Here I am sharing some snapshots of my battle-







Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Whatever strategy I had in placing the card for the battle went well and it was a nice move by me. I won the battle and it was all planed nicely. My planned strategy worked well which made me win the battle.

Do you like Exploding Dwarf? Why or why not?

Yes, I like this card and have been using this card for so long. I have a level 3 card and it did pretty well. I use this card many times while playing with fire splinters. Exploding Dwarf played nicely in this battle for sure and I am happy to have it in the team for this one.

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Thank you so much
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(Photos and gif I used in this post are taken from splinterlands.com for this post purpose only)



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Thank you so much.. I will join it and definitely if i will face problem i will connect you..

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Well done on the battlefield, bro.
Keep on battling.

Thanks a lot buddy @ashikstd