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Hello everyone

Today in this video I have talked about the credit card management and how it can be more rewarding . credit card is very good thing if we use it wisely and that too in discipline manner but if we lose the control then it can give us bigger liabilities which will make things messy without financial management.

I have been using credit cards for last 10 years or maybe even more that exactly I don't remember but until now I have never paid any late penalty or interest on the amount that I spent. In fact I get many offers and benefits by these credit card companies in form of vouchers and statement credits that are so nice and make me feel happy .

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

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Hi brother!
Absolutely useful video especially for those people who is trying to issue their credit card. In case of me I never used credit card just using debit card. Absolutely great financial experience that you shared with us..
Have a great day brother..

Hello brother
thank you so much for sharing your nice words about the video and I'm glad that you liked it and found it useful too. some small financial tips and tricks can help us manage our money in a better way and in this video I shared my experience and how it can help us to have tension free life that is not loaded with lots of liabilities. Thanks.

A very good lesson for credit card owners. They think they have credit card so they have free money. But it is not free money at all and you must not use credit card for unnecessary things such as Eating fast food outside even you taken lunch box with you, so i think this is unnecessary, Buying alcohol, Buying nicotine contained items and all unnecessary shopping. Most of the credit card companies charging high interest so keep that in mind. Again, very good financial advice that worth watching.

Hello my friend
I agree with you that credit card is not like free money so we should use it wisely and if we follow the same then we will never be under the liabilities because of credit cards. in my personal experience it's a great thing and I use it quite often so I save my money as well as I earn some reward on the expenditure. in India many banks offer free for life card and I always prefer to have such cards since these cards do not come with any annual fee which makes a very free credit cards uses .

I like the idea ofcredit card reward points. Every bank providing this facility? Because one of my friend have a credit card but not getting reward point

Although I don't use credit card but I can understand what message you are trying to convey in this video that people should not take the credit card for granted. They must use it only when it's really necessary do you did for shopping or making payments. All these things are quite useful if a proper discipline is followed but if not then it can be a problem for many to manage there expensive and income .

Some of my friends are also not using credit cards because they believe life on debit side is more comfortable to them and they do not want to be on paying cycle of credit cards. I think that this is something very personal and depends upon the kind of preference and choice and if one decide not to go with credit card it's fine however I like to use and in fact I use it a lot but again I follow a proper discipline while using it. thank you so much for stopping by .

I am happy to have my life free of credit card and I even don't have any plan do you have a card real soon because I believe whatever money I have in pocket I should be able to spend that only. no doubt credit card makes things easy and we can buy things and even pay then I have normally but again I do not want to go in that situation. So my Honda is simple that no money no spending and never rely on credit and liabilities . you share nice about the credit card and I like that thank you so much .