Lockdown or No Lockdown? IAmAliveChallenge#217

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Hello Everyone,

This is my day 216 submission for I am alive challenge by @ flaxz and I am glad to participate in this wonderful program.

World is still going through the tough time of covid-19 pandemic and until most of the countries get the vaccinations in place this problem will remain with us and even I think that it is not going to leave us at least half of the Year 2021.

I am very happy to mark over 200 days with this fantastic challenge of Iamalivechallenge. I am happy to be part of this initiative and I will keep on sharing my submission everyday

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

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hello dear friend @ alokkumar121 good afternoon
It is a shame what is happening in the world about this condition, what you say is very true, we can only do it if more than half of the people in the world are vaccinated, in the meantime we must respect safety procedures
stay safe and take care dear friend
have a wonderful weekend