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The whole world is in the grip of the pandemic and it doesn't seem to get better. On the contrary, in Europe numbers are soaring and more restrictive measures are implemented. The businesses in general are suffering and we might see more and more businesses going bankrupt.

When a business goes into bankruptcy it often doesn't just close its doors. It means that the business can't pay it's bills anymore and therefore there are other companies that won't get paid. It will be a kind of card castle that crumbles down slowly but taking more and more speed.

We need a plan B

I believe that everybody will be affected. Jobs will be lost and people will need new income sources. We need a plan B!

For many people on the blockchain, Hive is already the plan B. But what happens if we need the hive to pay our bills? We need to sell these Hive to get fiat currency. The more people rely on the income from the blockchain, the more sell pressure the currency will experience and the more the price will drop.

A compensation for the sale pressure on Hive

We need something to compensate for this sale pressure and I think that the proposal by @niallon11 that suggest that we implement ads on Hive and monetize the community would be a great way to bring funds into the currency.

In this proposal, he also wants to create a kind of marketing for Hive that would be responsible to bring new users to the blockchain. I believe this would be a real added value. Only because it would mean that a compromise would have to be found how to sell the blockchain and how to bring people, businesses and developers to Hive. Once a common message is found, it could be used by all hive users and it would have a much bigger impact that if we have 56'000 messages out there.

Hive is the plan B for a lot of us, let's to our best to make it as good as possible

I'm very hopeful about Hive. When I see such proposals or also the platform that has been developed by @blainjones and @jongolson to onboard people to Hive. We need to develop this platform and also its currency because for a lot of people Hive is the plan B and we need to do everything possible to make it as good as possible!

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Totally agree with you! Plan B is a must, as things will get ugly... People are getting more "relaxed" with this "virus fight", and think that we are doing great with that... Which is just an illusion... We are doing the same as we were doing at the beginning, just a bit less killing people with wrong therapy...

But, let's skip the "virus story" and concentrate on "what after?"... Yes, it will probably happen what you said about companies going to bancruptcy, and it is already happening but on a "smaller" scale... I live in a tourist place, and the image that I see on my daily walks is very sad, and I know that it's just a beginning... Yes, this summer is lost, but some of the places are still stuggling, but that means that they are usually grow their debt...

Plan B? Yes, for most of us Hive (and crypto) is plan B, and we should work on the plan NOW that it can work for us tomorrow... The marketing plan sounds great, as it should be that other part of the balance that will bring more people to the platform, when members start to sell their Hive to survive... That combination should keep the price more-less steady...

Thanks for an awesome vlog!

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we should work on the plan NOW that it can work for us tomorrow

I totally agree with you. We can't just wait till things happen and others do the job. We need to do our part and bring value to Hive.

Thanks a lot for your amazing comment!

Rightly said, the covid thing has terrified humans especially in terms of wealth on top of the health thing. Hive can be the best alternative and I expect something good news from the Hive team as well. I also do have very high hopes with this platform.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your view. I think that Hive can really be a good solution in the long term. Hopefully we will manage to get some external income to support the currency.

Yea, @achim03 , we together hope so :))

The only problem with this is that hive could become facebook, youtube and those guys.
The reason that they want to censor messages on those platforms are to cater to the advertisers. Advertisers would also want personal data so they could target the ads better this would bring in more money.
I think if we let this in here it would be much the same because money often sets the course.

Facebook and youtube are selling their platforms to advertisers and their argument is to provide a lot of knowledge about the users and target the ads accordingly. This is not the same here. The idea would be to provide a webspace for adnetworks to put banners and ads on the Hive.blog platform. This means that it's not the data of the people who is sold, it's just the webspace with the according traffic. I've been doing that on my faucets for a very long time and I was always free to choose what kind of ads I would put. I think it wouldn't influence the content of the platform and people could easily opt-out simply by using browsers like brave. It would however allow to generate some income that would help to stabilize Hive.

Every plan leading to success iz worth it!
Nice commentary!

Thanks for stopping by!

This is a great video, Achim. I firmly believe in having a Plan B and while that may change over time as our individual lives change (especially with everything that has happened in 2020), it is always important to be mindful of it. Nothing is guaranteed in life & the more prepared we can be, the better.

As businesses struggle, unfortunately what happens to them has a domino effect on other things so we may see this situation for awhile... I do believe, in time, things will get better but will be a challenge along the way. Hopefully, we will come out of it stronger than ever...

I definitely support HIVE and hope to see it flourish with more of a targeted way of the marketing plan brought forward. With the combination of that and our whole community, I believe good things will happen....:)🧡

Thanks a lot for your comment Jenn. It's true this year is very special and hopefully the future will be better. A Plan B is very important in this situation and we have the advantage that we have started to build on it for some time already. This makes us kind of better prepared.