Monomad: Skies - Fluffy Cloud

in Black And White2 months ago



This is an entry to the Monomad Challenge by @Monochromes.

Today we have beautiful cloudy sky here in my neighborhood... Fluffy clouds all day since morning... These two photos were capture around noon time when I went to pick up my girls from school...

The rules below are taken from @monochromes' announcement post


Contest Rules:
Clearly mention the #monomad challenge in your post title or post body. For example: "This is my entry for the #monomad challenge". (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)
Use the #monomad tag. (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)
The posts must be in Black and White or Monochrome tones. (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)
Every picture must be yours and that will be checked, so don't even bother posting Google images. Stolen content will be immediately reported. (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)

(The daily topics are not mandatory anymore, but we will leave them here in case anyone needs some extra inspiration for any particular day)
Monday - Macro
Tuesday - Street
Wednesday - Abstract
Thursday - Animals
Friday - Flowers
Saturday - Silhouettes
Sunday - Skies

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yeah! the sky has been fluffy lately and the weather is nice. I gotta need to wake up earlier.

We normally will have sunny morning and rainy evening now...
but sometimes early morning is still rainy or cloudy

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