Quilling Time

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Continuing to quill... Yes... Halley has been quilling more today after school...


A boxful of quilled colorful papers... Lots of different patterns... Pre-quilled... Then can be glued into different designs later... This is a simpler method for the younger kids... They can't manage the quilling part, but all young kids can do the glueing part... Vinnie can do it since she was 4 years old...


Halley made a table today combining both the quilling and paper clay art...


And a quilled cake... Two tiers cake... Feels like a wedding cake... White and purple...


If you are interested to find out more about this quilling, there are a lot of tutorial videos in YouTube and Pinterest.

If you would like to have a quilled card or craft as present, maybe you can get in touch with @littlenewthings... She has awesome skillful crafty hands that can make you beautiful craft present...

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Oh that's really brilliant for Hailey. Combining resources to create what need to be presented.
They look really fantastic!

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@JustinParke here on behalf of ASEAN Hive Community.

I think something might be wrong with the first image, I am unable to view it. I think this is such an awesome craft. I asked my Mom in the USA about it, and it is something she's done with some of my nieces there.

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