CMCO 2.0

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Cloudy sunset today... 4pm today we received announcement from the government... CMCO starting again at 12.01 midnight 14th Oct... Till 27th Oct...

Today today reported cases 563... Half of them are from Sabah... My parents and brother are in Sabah... And this is really a scary situation... CMCO means schools are closed, no entertainment/sports/leisure/religious activities allowed... But travel to work is still being allowed... I know total lockdown is gonna affect the economy badly... But if no total lockdown... Those ignorant ones will still go out... And the risk of spreading and getting sick is still there... Hopefully this CMCO 2.0 is gonna work... Else I actually hope to have total lockdown like in March... Everyone stay at home... Cut down all the out going people...

Fingers crossed... Hopefully the situation can be under controlled asap...

Stay safe!

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Today today reported cases 563... Half of them are from Sabah

Is this overall for the year or just recently?

This is one day only

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