A beautiful day in KL

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Tuesday it is today... A sunny day... And cloudy too... The sea of cloud is very beautiful today... From morning till evening... Lots of fluffy clouds...

First sky photo of today... Taken at the MRT station near my place... Yup, going to office today...


Another side of the station...


Then looking out the window at Q Sentral...


A selfie (well, technically can't really see my face, but then it's me me... Because of the sun) with some tall buildings include the tip of KLCC at the background...


Another selfie (again can't see me me in the photo... Due to the sun, again... 🤣🤣🤣)... Beautiful clouds in this one


What a beautiful day today... How's your Tuesday? Hope you have a great one!

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We need some public transportation like that here in Suriname. Thanks for posting within the ASEAN Hive Community.

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Ah yes KL. I was amazed at the public transit there. So modern and a bit confusing for me hehe. Then I went to Cyberjaya once to the immigration office. Wow that's a crazy place. I really love the park next to the Central train station. Wonderful!

There's lots of beautiful park in KL... We are really blessed here actually...

I agree!