How To Play Google Stadia Games On Any OnePlus Device Full Tutorial.

in Hive Gaming6 months ago (edited)

it's been almost 1 year passed since Google announced their new gaming platform service stadia and the cloud gaming service finally make its debut on smartphone industry as well,

right now only a few selected smartphones can handle the cloud gaming service of Google and thankfully oneplus is one of those smartphone,

With the launch of oneplus 8 and 8 Pro the company announced that Google stadia will now support oneplus devices as well starting from the 8 series,

Few days ago I read it read a form Post oneplus official community application in that post a user disclosed that the latest version of stadia application is finally e capable of running on oneplus 7t and 7,

It is still not available on Play store to download directly but you can download the apk from the internet anyways.

let's talk about how you can play those free games on your oneplus smartphone very easily in today's tutorial and don't forget to subscribe. 🙃




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