Splinterlands - Silvershield Bard Fun Time? (Weekly Post)

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There are not that many one mana monsters in Splinterlands monsters but each splinter has at least one. In life splinters it has two, Silvershield Bard and Lensmaster.


I have not used a Lensmaster yet but own a level 5 Silvershield Bard. I have a high level Bard because I use it often enough with the life splinter. The following is one example of the usefulness of the Bard hence worth the investment.

Battle Using Silvershield Bard


The best use of low mana monsters are when matches limit the mana in the match. For the battle to follow I had only 14 mana to use. The rule sets were Up close and personal, melee monsters only, and Super sneaky sneak ability for all monsters. Also with limited use of splinters down to only three to choose from in life, water, and earth.


I started off with Silvershield Knight follow up with Silvershield Bard and Crystal Werewolf. Three monsters is not much, I could have added Furious Chicken to buy myself some extra hits, but I felt comfortable with just three and went with that. My Bard benefited my formation at level 5 with the speed ability. What is interesting is that my Crystal Werewolf is thorn ability for when it gets attacked it will retaliate. Yet I led with Knight instead of Paladin because I wanted the Inspire ability to boost my monster's melee attacks. Basically I wanted to focus on abilities for me to win the battle rather than the actually attack and defense numbers.

My opponent went with Silvershield Paladin followed up with Feral Spirit, Armorsmith, Silvershield Bard, and end with Furious Chicken. My formation can be compared to my opponent in similar fashion. If I had added a Chicken at the end of my formation both formations would look very similar. However my opponent focus more on defense rather than offense as they added Armorsmith and Silvershield Paladin.

Round 1


The first round showed its true colors. Basically any monster hitting my Crystal Werewolf knocked out Furious Chicken and weaken the opponent's entire formation.

Round 2


At end of the second round my Crystal Werewolf main monster that takes out my opponent's Silvershield Bard and Armorsmith. What is interesting to note is my Knight's Inspire was also helpful while my Bard speed likely not a factor.

Round 3


By the end of round 3 my Crystal Werewolf finally was knocked out, but not before taking out Feral Spirit. However my opponent's last monster in Knight would prove to be a challenge.

Round 4


The shield from Paladin held my attacks for round 4 but signs were there that I could get the kill as long as my Knight stayed alive. His inspire ability help my formation to a total attack of +5 melee.

Round 5


My opponent's defense proven to be a challenge as now in round 5 he still have Paladin alive. What is helping me is the higher melee monsters in attack.

Round 6


My Bard finally had the last attack in the battle and with that knocked out my opponent's Paladin. I still had Knight but both Knight and Bard had barely any health to survive another round.


It was clear from the start my Crystal Werewolf was the best monster in the match as it was able to take out three out of the four monsters of my opponent. Still my Bard was the monster to make the final hit. I will say that if it was Furious Chicken I would still likely get the final hit in but Bard did its job and likely have help tilt the match with its speed +1 to all my monsters.

One mana monsters can still have a big impact in a match for a small amount of fee to pay in a match. Bard may not have outright been the best monster in the match but it did its job to allow me to take the win. Even my opponent decided to use it so it is somewhat clear that low mana matches makes sense with the use of Bard in life splinter.

If you are interesting in watching the battle here is a link.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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great post mawit. keep it going.

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Very nice full of details! I really loved that you have shared round by round explanation. Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome blogs.

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