The Chinese Checkers/Chequers

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The Chinese Checkers/Chequers is one of the most played indoor board games, which is very popular in the USA. When I first played the game, I became a fan of this game. It's basically a board game. There is a controversy that from where this game originated from. Some people think it was from the USA, others it was from Germany. So I looked on Wikipedia, and it said it was from Germany. I think Wikipedia gives me the right information. Previously this game was known as Halma; basically, the Chinese Checker is a modified version of that game.

This is a strategic board game that has a hexagonal shape. There are many little holes inside that board. Marble or peg both are perfectly fit inside each of the holes. This game is all about tactics, as every move is essential. Six players can play this game at a time; at least two players needed to start the game. In this game, players play with the opponent's mind. People of any age (7+) can play this game.

The question is, how can you play this game? First of all, you need a Chinese checkerboard. You can find various designs of Chinese checkerboards in the market, but I love the wooden one with a simple design on it. In my country, very few people know about this game.
Secondly, you need pegs/marbles. Before starting the game, marbles/pegs will be distributed to the players. Each player will get 10 marbles/pegs.

The rules of this game are very simple. Players can move one marble at a time. The marble moves can go straight, parallel, or in any direction. The player can only move his marbles if there is an empty place right after another marble. It's like jumping over the marbles like a horse. So these are the basic rules to play this board game.

After setting up the board, all the players use their different strategies to win the game. Players who reach the opposite side first with all their pegs/marbles win the game. It's like crossing the river with the fastest time. In this game, a player has to observe things carefully, like what his opponents are thinking? What are their strategies? How to block the opponent's road? Etc. People play this game for fun; also, this game is good for our brain.

Personal experience

One of my friends introduced this game to me when I was in Nepal back in 2018. When I first played this game, I loved it. I played this game maybe 5-6 times & became a fan of this game. First of all, it takes less time to complete a game. Secondly, it's good for our brain development. Lastly, it trains our brains to make a quick & constructive decision and relax our minds. Anyone who loves to play indoor games, they can try this game. That's all I can say about this game.

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Posted by Waivio guest: @waivio_diana-ch

I haven't played this board game yet but it was very interesting! Hope to find this gaming board in the market. Thank you for sharing this.

Yeah, of course! This is an interesting game. Yeah, you can search it on Dhaka Newmarket. Have fun...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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