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My weekly update about the strategic choices I made for my two dcities

I’ve been writing about several aspects of dcity so far, but I would like to add to that a weekly update about changes that I have made. Tutorials are great for understanding a certain aspect of the game, but along side these it is great to also be able to get insights on day-to-day strategic choices from players that are a bit further ahead in the game. That is what I will try to provide you with in these weekly updates.

Currently I have two dcities. One on my main account @elbrava, which you can find here. My aim for this city is to simply grow as fast as possible and enter the top200 of dcities. This will likely require me to invest more money to make that happen.

My other dcity is for my @invest4free account, which you can find here. This second account I set up specifically to show that through being active on Hive, you can become an investor for free. You will actually be able to build an investment portfolio that will generate passive income for you through being active on hive.

This weeks developments are:


Because the taxes are still high I still reinvest my daily SIM income, hoping for better times. Setting myself up for future gains when the price of SIM would go up again.

At which point I would cash out some of this the much larger income stream and invest it in other projects.

Since I maxed out homeless and immigrants training I can clearly see a difference. I now daily train workers or artists. I haven’t seen yet, but that should happen soon.

I am now also getting new technologies regularly. I already have two better documentation practice technology cards, which will be needed for combining into a central bank when the 3rd edition comes out.

So the payday is coming, I just don’t know when. Until then I compound and build.



This dcity is growing nicely. It has crossed the 1000 population mark and also the base income is now over 1000 sim.

It taxes go back to 20% I’ll be able to get one random card per day. Which is pretty good.

That’s it for this week. I still have high hopes for this game, so I will continue to build in this ‘bear’-market for the sim price.

And that’s it for this week.

If you have any questions about your dcity about how to improve it, how to grow it more quickly or any other question. Please do ask in the comments. I try to always give a response.

Thanks for reading, do follow me for more dcity and investment content and see you next time!

If you would like to start investing in dcity, because it is fun and very profitable. Or you want to get more hive to increase your investment. Then why not start a Risingstar account?

Risingstar is completely free and once you start leveling up it starts to take less time with bigger rewards. As soon as you hit level 20 you can start to withdraw your Starbits and convert them to SIM that you could invest in dcity. The combination of these two games is a really solid way to generate funds that you can use to invest in other things.

It is a very fun game, with a lively market for the NFT cards that you get while playing. So along with earning Starbits, you will also get cards that you can sell for any Hive-engine token you like.

Check the game out here, I am sure that you won’t regret it.


One of the first things I did was to invest in Job Centres in order to improve training. I also worked on education which is now at 800, and am starting to see regular drops of technology cards.

I did not know about the connection between Rising Star and SIMS. If I can ever find time (and funds) I might take a look at it.

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There is not really a connection between risingstar and dcity. I just happen to play both and risingstar does not require an investment to start.

@invest4free Hello from "The King" your referral link to RisingStart isn't working. It appears that you have placed "HTTPS://" twice and therefor it is a "site can't be reached". I started a city and have two workers thus far. The taxes are at 72%. I have no idea what to do next? Other than starting over at RS and have them compound off each other. All the best in your success and prosperity!