Goglin Firemage Airdrop [CIRCULATION 7,073] though

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After buying another 250 some packs I was able to now have in my collection 510 Cards which granted me a better chance of getting the Airdrops.

I have sold most of my collection, such as all alpha dragons and some in gold which I did at the time make a nice profit, but now it seems they are going to start to be worth quite a bit more.
So I am starting back up and building my stack slow.

I would like to think that the airdropped cards are a bit more rare then this.. but then again its not even 7100.. There might also be some people that have not claimed theirs.

Did you get this card?

I have no idea what's to come of this game since one of the creators which is the same owner of Hive-Engine might be having a mental break down... lets hope for the best.


I did get a few of them because I bought some packs before learning about HIVE. The card itself isn't exactly very impressive since I don't seem to use magic much in my fire deck though.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 53 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Dang you picked up 8! How do you get the airdrops as I'm only about 4 days into the game so far.Thanks!

Mate I didn't even know I got 8 of them till you pointed them out. 😁

I was in the drop with about 25 packs bought, and got 1 Goblin-card

Have only bought 91 packs of untamed but got lucky in the airdrop getting one of the Goblin Firemage cards.

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