I'd like to own a gun

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As a kid, I always felt like guns were meant for only two types of people; the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys are the police, and their job is to protect us from the bad guys.

In reality, the lines between the good guys and the bad guys is actually blurred and in a lot of cases, they are one and the same.

Unlike places like USA and some parts of Europe and Australia where individuals can own a gun for their protection and other things, guns aren't quite as rampant in Nigeria.

In fact, the idea of owning a gun hardly crosses the mind of an average Nigerian because we have "God". We don't have gun retailers or easy access to guns, so I assume that the two ways way guns get to the hands of criminals is eithe through smuggling or directly from the armed forces. You know, the good guys.

I keep thinking about the fact that it is so easy for bad people to get guns but honest Nigerians can't have access to it. I read about the procedure to get a gun license and it felt like camel through a needle type stuff.

Personally, I don't like the idea of having or shooting a gun at home. I'd have liked to go game hunting or just target practice "for fun". However, judging by the rising insecurity in Nigeria and increased crime rate, having some form of protection and PROPER training on how to use it for your safety is starting to seem like a necessity.

Seeing as guns are out of the question for now at least, my alternative is to get a taser. Using that one will also require proper training. Tasers are nonlethal, so I reckon it would be easier to get. The most important thing for me is that I am well equipped to protect my loved ones from danger, to the best of my abilities at least.


Your last two paragraphs are the most important of your post...They talk about the need to focus on training and safety in respect of firearms and about security, the ability to protect oneself and family. I see that as the basic right of every human.

It's interesting how we consider some things to be basic and inherent rights that other people think are novelties.

I know...it's difficult to comprehend how restrained many people are around the world, not just with firearms but in other ways...Power supply for instance.

Yup, in California they turn off the power when it is windy and people shit in the streets.

Yeah, who can't do without power for an hour or so? Lol.

I need to upgrade my generator so it can power the 220 volt water pump and to a propane model.

We can conceal them too, @belemo. Concealed carry permit is included with the price of the pistol around here.

It is cool, weird and scary how it is easy to access guns in your end

I'm from California though, it's nothing like that over there. We're currently in Tennessee waiting for this world to reopen the gates. It's a trip here, my buddies, strangers, everyone around me, I know they're packin heat. It's pretty intimidating actually.

Went to a gun show a few weeks with some friends where they sell shit like 50-cal's to just anyone. I actually planned on coming back with something but got so tripped out while I was there, I stopped paying attention to the arsenol on sale and began questioning all the fruit cakes around me with loaded weapons in their belt.

Would you rather be in Compton where just the gangbangers have guns and you can't have one? Look into how many people have been shot with .50 BMG rifles in the US. It's a number like ZERO. Why not sell them to law abiding folks?

I'm from California. Long Beach actually, LA County. More specifically, two exits from Compton. I've spent a lot of time in and around there both growing up and working. You're mistaken if you think only gangsters are carrying.

Intimated, I think that's the word I used.. pretty sure I'm free to do that. Just checkin. I have equal freedom to own (which I do), carry, etc as I do to feel intimidated by them. Remedy—stand behind my armed buddies if need be.

That and I'm still workin on how to killin'em with words

A few years ago there was a report that in LA County, with like 7,000,000 people fewer than 500 people are licensed to carry. Mostly friends of the sheriff, almost all white men, so who else is carrying? Besides those 500 people anyone carrying a gun there is a criminal. So if they are carrying then they are not doing so legally. In CA it is easy to buy a gun but actually carrying it legally is another story. Do you have a CA carry permit from LA?

Negative, I do not. I misunderstood, I thought it was my comment about the fruit cakes at the gun show that brought you here.

Correct, I was kinda leaning to that. The laws in Ca verses here in Tn are worlds apart. I've lived in a buncha states, Nevada being one, another gun friendly state, Ca is definitely one of the tightest on gun laws.

In Ca you can have'em in your vehicle, that's about it. But unloaded, and one or the other has to be out of arms reach, everything else is "illegal". Pointless defense. Why they're so different state to state, don't know. Lame. Where are you? I see you just flipped your third blockchain year, congrats.

They should be equal to or greater than Tn if you ask me, doesn't change my opinion of the fruit cakes. Just means they're equally armed coast to coast. It's a lot safer that way, I think, when you don't have to question because you already know.

there are a lot of weirdos at the gun shows, they are like the flea markets of gun sellers. That seems like it is the same everywhere. I bet nowadays with so many first timers that they are even worse. On the other hand people are almost never shot at gun shows, that's one of the safest places on Earth!
I am in MA where we also have racist cops who decide who can exercise their basic human rights. Most gun laws are designed to keep the poor and/or minorities from carrying legally.

It is funny and scary at the same time. Literally, anybody can walk into a shop, buy an AR and even walk the streets with it, as we saw during the BLM protests.

In fact that is not the case at all. Every "shop" is required to do federal background checks on every sale. Anyone who has ever committed a felony or been deemed insane is banned for life from purchasing or possessing any firearm. Were the protests before all the riots?

I also live in America but where I live the permits cost over $100 USD just for the permit. They also require an expensive class and extensive background checks. And a corrupt local cop has ultimate authority over issuing the permits so often times there are racist or anti gun police chiefs who deny gun rights to black people or other people they don't like. If I lived in the state next door I wouldn't need a permit at all. The state that does not require permits has only a small fraction as much as my state that has endless gun restrictions. It took me like 11 years to get my permit so just stick with it and you will get there. Do you have hunting clubs you could join? People there will know how to navigate the gun permitting process.

Even for hunting, I can't afford to hold a gum, if its still the same me that cannot even kill a coackroach. For security reasons, i wish I don't ever see the need to hold a gun

Unfortunately, people in Nigeria need guns to defend ourselves more than anyone else. We don't have security, so you have to provide that for yourself as well.

so you don't kill the roaches?

At all.. I call someone else to do it for me

I had an old house with mice and I used to feel bad about killing them until one pooped on the table, after that I had no remorse.

😂😂😂... So annoying I guess

I stay away from guns. If i knew someone that owned a gun where i live id stop talking to them. But thats Croatia, theres so much police on the street that you rarely ever see any heavy crime. You really dont need a gun here and those that do have one are either dipshits or criminals.
Other countries are different. If i lived in the US id prolly get a gun myself. Cant speak for Nigeria.

I'd like to live out my days in a place like Croatia. I'm tired of the insecurity and whatnot. It is depressing.

I told you, you want to pick somewhere richer deeper in EU. :)

There is no hunting allowed there?

I read about the procedure to get a gun license and it felt like camel through a needle type stuff.
It doesn't seem that bad compared to getting a driver's license or whatever

What you should do is see if you can find a firearms lawyer to file your application for you, or grease a few palms, depending on how corrupt your local officials are.

Looks like you are limited to shotguns but shotguns are great for hunting just about anything and excellent for home defense.

If the process is intimidating just take it one step at a time. Tasers are ok but you only get one or two shots with them and they are expensive. Do you have a machete?

It is true that if good peopld have no access to defense weapons, only criminals will be armed. I have a good friend from Kenya, who initially thought I was a criminal; because I alwats cary a concealed pistol . I had to explain to him that it is legal here. A reasonably competent machinist can make a firearm relatively quickly. Even using hsnd tools, and a little more time.

Are you allowed bows and arrows or air rifles? They are useful too!