Winner of My Last Give Away and shot for 500 DEC

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Hello, guys sorry I am late again with a prize. It has been a crazy few weeks for me so let's give away that 1000 DEC first. From this post

Winner is 20201027 22_15_24Window.png

Congrats @mercurial9 that was two in a row. Not a lot of entries so working on a new idea this week for the next bigger giveaway.

20201027 22_16_59Window.png

Now to get into the giveaway for the 500 DEC from this simple post maybe just let me know if you have fell victim to a DeFi Scam yet. I went to play around with the TRX DeFi stuff because the ETH ones are a bit out of my price range. I like that I can try out with a few hundred. I did pretty well till today. I was up a few hundred dollars so it is whatever that I now lost a few hundred but it bums me out. At the time-space should be growing all over so many scams. Don't hate too much on TRX ETH had a few also. Shark Tron seems to have got me. So what one got you?

If not just let me know you're smarter than the avg joe haha. I know this isn't as much about splinterlands but it does show me that I should have just kept buying DEC and Cards. Lol, I did do that but would have been better off than trying my luck farming it seems.


Thank you sir for the DEC!

As for DeFi, I have been firmly sitting on the sidelines with the whole craze. It reminds me too much of the ICO pump of 2017 where anyone with a whitepaper and website were doing ICOs and scamming people out of money. For now, I am happy to not be a first mover in this space.

Ya I was going slow and slow and I was like cool making a lot then one looked so good I invested all my winnings and all gone it seems. Maybe not but my guess is 5% chance that admin returns

Haven't been doing anything other than Splinterlands in the crypto space.

Although I am not familiar with DeFi situation, my thought was not to even think about it as it was a thing that I could not make clear how it is working for my wealth. It is my experience with many crypto mega-earning events, that it could be a ponzi scheme and stand away from it.

I am sorry for your loss.

Sorry for your loss Steve.

When something is giving you huge return, that is what I think it is a ponzi scheme. I have sufficiently enough bad experience about it in my past.

But I am not familiar with what is happening with DEC in DeFi.

I haven't done any DeFi yet so I haven't fallen victim to any scams yet. I don't know if I have the temperament to get into Defi yet, it would drive me crazy to be scammed out of a few hundred dollars. I hope you get lucky and recoup your looses in the next trade you make.

awwww no scam nooo

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Be careful with Scam and nice giveaway he won again hahaha.