Thankful for Splinterlands and Crypto and the Players so another Giveaway.

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Hello everyone,

I know most of us out here in America have a pretty busy few days ahead of us with Thanksgiving in front of us. While first on my list is a Healthy family and a steady job right now. I am also thankful for getting into crypto and finding Splinterlands. The last few years have been quite a ride. From not being sure if I should buy these cards at all to just being bummed I didn't buy more. From not being sure if crypto will make to wondering why I didn't buy more? I am glad that I have some as I know I am still ahead of a lot of people. It is starting to get really fun around here and really hopeful as projects are going up a lot. I know I am not the only one starting to think this game we play might make some big steps soon. I just want to give thanks to the team for the work. A thank you to people like @carrieallen and @clove71 and @chrisroberts for all the work they do spread the word about the game and more. I see your work in a lot of places.

Most of you know that I also try to do that. I am working on getting bigger followings on each of the platforms I am on and have been doing a lot better. I will see always enjoy checking out the content here on Hive as this place is a big reason that I got so into this game. I have to get back to the family so just leave any comment with a thank you to anyone out there and you will have a shot to win some DEC. I hope you are all doing well.

I have a quick giveaway to cover from this last post

Congrats to @xabi

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Pretty cool, I’m glad that we are ahead of the curve a bit with crypto! We could wish for better but being in at all is better than a lot of people.

I think I would like to thank @chekohler, @knowhow92 and @elbrava because I game with them here on Splinterlands daily, shoot the shit and earn crypto for having fun with them!

Thank you to those who have helped me understand Splinterlands a little bit better.

Thank you to all the people that do giveaways in the splinterlands community!

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the giveaway mate!

Gotta love a good giveaway! and who doesn't love some nice shiny crystals?!


This community is very generous. I love it!

Well, I wanna thank @cmplxty for his support (sending me cards) and @kasajohn for the hype!

Happy Thanksgiving to you.
Thanks for all the giveaways to all those who host them.

Thank you to all the people I've met on the blockchain and to those who have helped me when things got glitchy!

Thanks to the @splinterlands team for making this great game.