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Hello players. I have been working on a new post for my weekly DEC giveaway. I don't like to just do a giveaway post but haven't had a good idea yet. I do have one for today. I hope that you all tell me what you think of my break down of these guys and let me know if you own a max one yet. Just make sure you give me some feedback about the summoners and you will be in the drawing for the 1000 DEC prize. You can also give me any idea about a post you would like to see about the game.


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Yodin Zaku the card that most considers the king of these summoners. I have to say that for the most part, I agree. Blast on every attacker is just very strong. I have even used this guy in melee only matches and watched that blast dominate the game. Then you add in the extra life and the plus one to ranged damage and he is a monster. He took the fire team from one that I didn't see that much to now almost always run into him. You can beat him. For starters, if someone tries to force him into a lower mana battle sometimes he doesn't have the guys to win. It will be a harder fight than you thought. The key I think to beat him is speed and stun. If you can attack fast and stun his guys so they don't get to do the blast attacks you can win. Also sometimes I can win with Mimosa if the team is made right. As death can lower ranged attack a lot. Get them all down to 2 damage and blast isn't so bad anymore. That is the other trick to use a lot of headwinds. It is a lot of work to beat this guy and that is why he is the most valuable ones right now. Some of the Beta Legendary can also match up with them I just don't have any of those. So fill me in on the best ones to use to beat any of these guys.


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Lir Deepswimmer seems like he around to fight Yodin but after I maxed him out the other day it didn't work so well when I have tried that. Maybe you can tell me if it works well for you? He has an armor buff that is pretty cool then gives the whole team Return Fire. Then he has blind. Good old blind the one ability I don't like. It seems to never work. Or it works too well. I just can't figure that one out. You would think in three turns for sure they have to miss. But they don't all the time. Then other games you wonder why they never hit you. I need to use him more to see if I am wrong on that but don't love that. He also doesn't give any damage bonuses or debuffs. That means that you will run into a team that might seem to have a lot more attacks than your guys. Clearly, he is for games you think a lot of ranged attacks are coming. For sure that gives him a chance to counter Selena and Price Rennyn. I hope to get to try that out soon.


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Scarred Llama Mage is the new earth one that we just got a bit ago. Two health boost is nice for sure. Cleanse is a good ability. To be able to remove stuns or attack debuffs or affliction so you can heal your tank is big. Then comes the Last Stand for all but really only for one. I am not sure I love that one. It does let you give the last stand ability to cards that don't have it now. That also gives you a shot and a great comeback in any game. But it sure is odd going into a game where you don't know who will get that. It makes it funny to even play a chicken last in fear he would be the one that gets it. I am glad I bought this guy while he was cheap. I just feel like people underestimate that extra life on a healing team that due to cleanse will be able to heal. I haven't got to use him much yet but expect it to be pretty fun and can't wait to see some random last stand wins.


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Chanseus the Great is a lot of fun for sure. Repair, Triage, and Resurrect, are a really good combo. He can protect a lot of your cards so that is always fun to see. You do have to remember to play cards win armor. He is also fun in games you expect snipers. If you put a hard guy to kill in that sniper target spot he will help keep him alive. You can even double up the triage on the team and really not let that target die. He sets up double to triple repairs on the team also. Then if you do happen to kill that target he was protecting he brings them back. I have been enjoying this card and glad I got it to the max level at last. I hope to use it more and more. Do you have any tips for this guy?


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Mimosa Nightshade was the first one and I loved it when I got this card. The death team is my most leveled team and they lost a lot till I got this card. She can be part of some amazing control set up teams. I have been able to play double silence and triple headwinds and it is funny to see them try and kill a big tank that is getting healed. Then add in she removes healing from the other team and gives your team void and it is a lot of fun. That void is so good for some of the mages on the death team that has low life. It is a bummer to watch them get magic reflect and die. With mimosa that doesn't happen. She is also fun because death has a lot of low-cost cards. So you can play her in lower mana matches sometimes. You still need like 23 or 24 but you can do it and make a good team. She isn't a great counter for Zaku and I think Lama will be a bummer as it removes all the debuffs. But she can come out and win a match vs some strong guys that I know.


I made this post partly because I just did a big buy and maxed all of these guys out. I had Zaku and Mimosa but now I have them all. My big regret was not buying the beta ones when I could afford them so not going to make that mistake again. This is also the only card I have that can battle those mighty beta summoners. They don't always win but they do sometimes. Well let me know did I make a good buy? Also, pick one to tell me how you use it maybe.

I do have a winner to send some DEC to from the last post.

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Congrats to @mercurial9 sent to you in the game.
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I have a maxed Zaku...And I also regret not buying beta legendary summoners. Nice giveaway.

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Thanks for sharing.

Ya I wish I had those Beta guys for sure

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Thank you sir for the DEC!

I would love to have the legendary summoners but as someone who is still building his deck up - they cost too much! What did you end up spending to get those cards? They look amazing!

Well, I got a few for free from the air drops and got the packs I bought. It cost me $190 to finish them off. I do suggest maybe getting a few when they first get dropped that is always their lowest price it seems.

Command accepted!

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This is a great post. Sure those legendary summoners are amazing. Having them maxed out is going to be so helpful for you in the future.
Especially the Yodin. He is just overpowered. I say yodin is overpowered, then comes lama which has enough power, then comes mimosa, then LIR and then chanseus.
Imagine the phantom soldier and the death elemental double silencing you and the the mimosa giving void to everyone. A nightmare for the magic team.

Thank ya they are all strong and Yodin stands out.

Zaku seems OP from his win percentages in most leagues outside of Champion. The rest are typically also way stronger than any normal summoners. Their certainly are expensive to try to max out now as well.

Ya he is strong for sure

Untamed Legendary summoners are indeed a fun to play. Nice giveaway. Thanks for sharing. @xabi

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Legendary summoners are truly mighty, I just being in Bronze League where they are rarely used. Thank you for your giveaway.

I regret selling my Yodins when I had enough to upgrade to a level 3! At over $22 a piece now in the open market. You can see a bit of my regret, I had time at much lower prices and sold way too cheap.

I got Deepswimmer, Chanseus from pack opening and Scarred Llama Mage from airdrop... all are at level 1 only so not used much.
The zaku is very powerfull but in some battles I used a card with taunt ablility monster at end position and used double triage to heal it.... it works most of the time but yes for high mana battles only....
Thanks for sharing the information and view...

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Great description of the legendary summoners! I will comment in more detail later.