Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge with Sea Monster

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I got busy and missed the last one but I am back at it this week with a video for the Share Your Battle Challenge. I really like doing this as it gives us a chance to real high light a card or a rule set. This week we had to use the Sea Monster. This is an older rewards card that we should all have. Even if you are lower level you might want to get one that is at least level 8 as they are cheap. I talk over some things about Splinterlands and making sure to take part in these and then I get to the battle. When you see the line up you might think I was going to lose. Then I go ahead and bring up the line ups to talk about some mistakes we both made.

Okay if you watched the whole thing thanks I do enjoy making these. What did you think of the fight and did I call out the mistakes? What do you think of this card and will you make sure you have it? I really think it is a nice card to have now the Bortus is out. You can play a ranged and melee water team if you want and use him to weaken the mages. I still need to level him up a bit more. I hope you keep playing.
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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done with the Sea Monster.
Keep on battling.