Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge with Rusty Android

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So this week they asked us to use the Rusty Android. I had fun with the card a few weeks back in the special tournament that we got a lot of using him. I did pretty well in that so I was ready to show off my skill using this card. It only took me one really try to get a nice win to share you with. That was nice as I have been busy with work and haven't been around as much. I hope to have some time to share some fun stuff with you all soon. So check out the video and let me know what you think. It was fun to do. I hope that I get some Land for free from staking the DEC on UniSwap. That was a cool thing they did for us to push DEC back up the peg price. You can also follow me and watch my videos on YouTube, Lirbary, Uptrennd, Publish0x, SoMee and 3speak.

Come on you know that when you saw that line up you thought I was going to lose. While the featured card didn't seem like the key to the win I did talk about how he helped. Make sure to take part in the challange. I like to see the different ways that people use the card. I can't wait for the update to the game. I want to see land and crafting come out as I think it will attack some other players. The brave deal was also cool

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice review of Rusty Android.
You did good both in the battle and in the video guideline.
Keep on battling.

Nice battle and great video!
Is always good to see this high level battles