Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge with Da Chicken and Talking Dygycon and Other News

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There was a lot going on today. I had a lot of fun at Dygycon for sure and I did manage to beat and pro and I said hey I can make a share your battle video. But it was Dygycon day and we had a new airdrop and it was Dygycon day and Cub Finance is going great and BTC hit 60k today. Well, this video goes a bit more all over the place than most of my share your battle videos but I couldn't help it. Still, I show off a win and a loss that both feature the chicken.

Did you watch it all? My guess is not many will watch it all, as it ended up being a bit longer than I meant. I hope that you guys take part in the challenge. The chicken is an easy card to mix into the battle and still can be the reason you win or lose. I hope that you guys had a good time and let me know if you hung out at Dygycon as I did.
I also share my videos on Torum, YouTube, Lirbary, Uptrennd, Publish0x, Odysee and 3speak. If you can follow me on any of these thanks.

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Thanks for sharing! Great video!!

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Llama can be pretty strong in Bronze. The last stand is a "common" tactic for people with the cards, though a lot of times its Kron instead.