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Hey I am back this week after missing a few of these. I just been so busy with work and looking into other stuff that I missed them by a few days. But this week my rewards card I like a lot was chosen. I had to make sure to take part. Grim Reaper is a great answer to a lot of cards that can be hard to kill. I like to use him a lot and will be maxing him out soon. I forgot to check his price and he is pretty low right now. I hope you like the video I got a bit off-topic but there is a lot going on in the crypto world right now.

What did you think of the fights? I know his team was a bit odd the but reaper dropped some bomb attacks on those guys with no attack. I hope that you guys take part in the challenge. It is a way the team likes to support us that spread the word about the game. Splinterlands is growing and so is crypto a lot of people will have some extra money to put into NFTS hope we can get them to come here.
I also share my videos on YouTube, Uptrennd, Publish0x, SoMee and others. If you can follow me on any of them thank you. I am just trying to spread the word and also post some other crypto content on them.

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How many battles do you have to play to get these matches that are perfect for the monster?!?

I just lose so much with these kind of average cards when I'm trying to do the daily challenge!

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I got super lucky today and it was like my 5th battle of the day. But I know what you mean sometimes it can be hard.

I think I might just start taping my entire attempts and fails!

So, you’ve added the twitter link where there should’ve been the post link.
I hope you were not feeling lazy like me in checking the comment, lol… kidding, I’ve got the post at last from your tweet.
Well done there on the battlefield.
Keep on battling.


oops mistake for sure