Splinterlands Raffle Results and New Rewards Card Review

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I took a few days off from making content but I should be back at it again this week. Sorry, I got back into playing town star this week and it just eats uptime. I will be doing a video today about how I did and the updates they have been doing. I recorded this video a few days ago when the Splinterlands Land Raffel. I was really aiming to get a Legendary totem. What do you think did my 2040 tickets net me one? Check out the video to find out. Then if you want to learn about the new rewards cards that you can now earn from playing the game the 2nd half of the video is all about them.

This week I am going to give away 2 land plots that I won in the raffle. All you need to do is watch the video be a follower of mine and make a comment and I will enter you in the drawing. I will pick two winners and each will get a land plot. You can use it or sell it really up to you.

I did have an older giveaway that I needed to payout. From this post sorry for the delay but congrats to @jfang003

20210131 11_07_58Window.png
20210131 11_09_10Window.png

I hope the crypto world is treating you well guys.

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Thanks for the DEC. Nice detailed explanation on the new cards.

Looks like the suspense for the last flip on your raffle didn't go the way you wanted. The land plots were the item with the highest rarity of showing up so I am not surprised. Either way, you got a decent amount of packs to open now.

Thank you I did well on the packs pulled 7 Legendary cards no gold but one gold epic.

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woah! Good Luck!

wow, you did well mate. except the land bit, i know you were hoping for a tract or region.

Well, some of the new cards might see play at other levels than Diamond/Champ. Charlok Minotaur seems like a really good reverse speed card for Fire, not that it is particularly lacking in those. Almo Cambio also seems pretty interesting. Kind of a cheaper Lord A, in theory, if the price comes down as more people get it as a reward card.

That suspense you built before flipping the last ticket really made me want to see you pull a legendary totem. But hey, epic totems aren't that bad and you got 3 of them! So I would say it was a decent haul. Congrats!

I only had 92 s and I pulled an epic totem. Super stoked about that. I didn't get any land plots unfortunately. I don't have any land so it would be awesome to win some.

@stever82 Congratulations on the comments milestone!
I would love to win a land plot!
Did not know that trample was how the game originally worked at one time.
Liked and followed you on YouTube as Chris S.
Was there anywhere else you would like a follow?


Congratulations on your raffle results. Sorry you didn't get the legendary totem you were looking for.

Thanks for running through all of the new cards. I have received a few of them, but since I am still in Bronze, I haven't had an opportunity to win that many of them. Your explanations give me some idea of how to better utilize these cards.

Pretty good pull on the raffle.
So nice for you to give away the lands you won. 🥰
This is the first time I've seen your face in a video! (I'm sure you've done others, but as you may know, I'm a busy little bee 🐝). I really enjoy your videos when I have a chance to watch them. Keep it up!

Thanks, I just got the camera set up a few months ago still getting used to using it. Feel like it makes people trust us a bit more to see us. take care

I got a few totems and a few packs but only had 80 tickets. You did ok.

Hey hey. I like contests. :)