Splinterlands Dice Card Review Dragons and Neutrals with 1000 DEC Giveaway

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Hello guys this is the last of the Dice Review then I will have a new contest post. I will go over all the dragons and neutral cards today. I might do one more post when all the airdrops are out but that won't be for a while. I know I am pretty last from the last post. It turns out I have a hernia and we had a hard fork. I just took some time off and then I was waiting for the chain to be stable. But I did send out the 1000 DEC to the winner from the last post and you can still win 1000 DEC in this one. Again I would like some ideas for the next giveaway post. I have got a few that are good and will be used or you can tell me something I forgot about the cards. Both kinds of answers will get you in the draw.


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Brighton Bloom is the new dragon summoner at 4 cost he gives all your monsters flying. That might not seem like that big of a deal but it can be very useful. I will start out with the one that we should all see right away. he is great for the Earthquake ruleset. It can let you use any of your monsters and not worry about that 2 damage a turn. That can be really good also because a lot of the time people won't be ready for you to have some normal cards that don't fly. In general, the other team won't see your lineup coming. The other rulesets I think he is great for are the melee ones. Super Sneak, Melee Mayhem, etc. Let's face it there are some really fast guys that don't fly. At flying to them and watch how hard it is for melee and ranged to hit them. It will make some people pretty upset. So look for some combos of guys with doge high speed but no flying and think about how they might do. For me Serpent of the flame, Serpentine Soldier, and Serpent of Eld sand out. I hope to level him and see if I am right and they go dodge crazy. This also won't better in any match with fewer mages.


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Dragon Spirit is an odd card to me. Now it can be a useful card for sure in low mana matches. Only 3 cost and he has 9 life he does fly with 6 speed he should be hard to hit for some. He has the new immunity ability. That will help as he won't get slowed and you will also be able to heal him. Then if they do get him he does 1 damage to their team. All that is good in low mana. I am just not sure about using a zero attack tank. I will have to see if I run into this guy in battle and he works. Maybe some of you can let me know. The thing that hurts him for low mana is that a lot of dragon summoners cost more than 3 and none cost 2. Still, maybe they can make up for that with the good low-cost cards then have. One other use I see for this card is the first sniper target. For cheap you can toss him into a team to take a few hits and then deal damage to them once he dies. Let me know if you think he is usable in higher mana matches as a tank. I don't think so.


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Naga Brute is for sure a new tank to use. Another card with no attack but he has 9 void armor and 7 health. If the other team doesn't have shatter he is going to take 16 damage to kill. He is designed for matches with fewer mages for sure but can handle a few with his void armor. He will be better to take hits from melee and ranged with thorns and return fire. One weakness I see is his low hp number means he isn't a great combo with a healer. He would be better off with a repair card. In a no healing match, he will be a nice card to use. I still don't low tanks than don't attack. but I think that this card could be useful in the right mana combo and rules. For sure in tournaments that only use Untamed and Dice he is a lot better. Still, he isn't a card I think I would use often.


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Battering Ram is a cool little card. Anything that costs 2 and can do 2 base damage and then attacks from any position is nice. Then add in that he has shatter and 5 speed and that is a nice little combo. He will attack early in the turn and pop all the armor the monster has. That will be a good combo on some of the taunt tanks. Sometimes shatter won't do much as he does hunt the guys with the lowest health. But it does help any team set up an opportunity line up. I think all of us will want to make sure to get this guy to a max level if you play there so you get that second account. He is going to cost a lot for a common I am sure. He is also a nice add-in for any of the teams that can use another good attacker for low mana matches.


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Grenander is another low-cost card but he is a bit better than the last. He is 3 cost and had 3 attack so that is good. Plus he has blast so really it is up to 5 damage on an attack or wait it could be 9. Oppress is pretty crazy. This guy was put here to kill the cube and the new dragon tanks and good old Lord A. Snare is a nice bonus to have one him as it could help if you are hitting some flyers but with 2 speed he might have a hard time hitting them. That is why it isn't great for him. Still, I can see a lot of people using this card in Selena decks or Price R. and for that reason, I think a lot of us with want to also have him at a high level. That is why his cost is so high for an Epic card. He is one of the better neutral attacking cards in the game for sure.


Okay so what did I miss? Or what would you like to add? If you took the time you read this thanks.

I do have a winner to send some DEC to from the last post. I am surprised I only get a few entries but here is who won.

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Congrats to @mercurial9 hope it helps
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You could speculate how successful and profitable the Lands would be when it hits in November.

Yea, surprisingly few entries last time. Well, with the land changes coming up, you could write about your thoughts on what has been announced so far.

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1000 DEC is very generous Steve but maybe you could give away some dice cards. 🤞

Would be interested in hearing your opinion upon the spells mentioned in the last update (lands and new spells) and how much and how exactly do you think it will affect the gameplay.

Cheers @stever82 for the prize!

The grenadier card is a sweet card and its pricey too!

I also think it should be about the landsale.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

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Fantastic giveaway.
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