Quick DEC Giveaway and update on ME

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Hello everyone,

First I have a giveaway that I need to do. Winner of this post and it is.

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Congrats to @miloshpro sent the DEC to your Splinterlands Account.

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Now I just want to say sorry I was gone for a bit due to having hernia surgery. I am still recovering so I have not had time to do much other than Netflix and chill. Today I went back to working from home and so I got on to make sure to give that DEC. Also, I am going to give away 500 DEC again.

To get entered into the giveaway please let me know what you thought of the land sale?

I was not happy. My group didn't get picked. I know it was lucky but I can't help but think that some no players maybe got the land while a group of a lot of players that even in the game from the start didn't get it. I really feel that the first sale should have gone to the players who have been around longer. I am not sure what Land will be worth but some land in other games is worth a lot. To let just anyone get that first chance isn't something I like. I know if I was new players then maybe I would not think the same. I just hope that I get some in the next one and then I am just out a bit more DEC. I was still so shocked to see we didn't get it I need to look into what happened as I don't know how many were in the lotto. Also, I hear that the sight had some issues that stop others from getting it. Let me know what you think and you can win that is all.


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I hope you recover fast!

My pool was lucky, I got 10 lands but gone rreally fast

for me the land sale did ok except for the 3k individual plots, i think it wouldve been better it that was raffled to. I would disagree with you on your on view that the players that have been here for the longest time shouldve exclusive access to it first. that woouldve made so much chaos and unfair in so many ways.

Hi Stever82,

Thanks for posting the giveaway. As a new player that got some land in the public sale, I acknowledge that I am on the other side of the spectrum in this discussion. For what it is worth, I talked with some of the developers afterwards before they posted the video about expanding the lottery system down to tracts and groups of 10 plots. Perhaps they can also have a public sale with a limit of single plot of land. I am happy with their transparency throughout the situation and also, in many ways, agree with how they rolled out the land sale.
I'm not saying there wasn't issues. It blows that people--especially long-time players were not able to get land. But for the health of the game, it needs to grow. 25 second buyout will draw interest and funds into the game which is good for the longevity of it. Furthermore, if you subscribe to the greater fool economic theory, than it also supports buying land in the 2nd round as the demand is shown to be there and there will likely be a higher value on the land later. It also is a really cool game feature that I'm excited to explore.
The risk is too much land being held in the hands of too few players (whales) but it sounds like that risk is being actively managed. I acknowledge your feelings of hurt and perhaps even betrayal. These feelings suck. But a guaranteed slot in the second round of a tested commodity is not such a bad thing.
Honestly, I don't know if I will attempt to buy more land. My internal greed toad and hoarding hamster are fighting the budget balrog. I doubt they will win a second round as they were the under-"dogs?" in the first battle and ultimately got the budget balrog to concede for the first purchase.
But I can acknowledge that land is ultimately what brought me into Splinterlands and I plan to be an active player here a long time.

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Having also had a hernia surgery in the past, those are no fun. I hope that your recovery goes well!

I wasn't too involved with the land sale, since my whole thing is that I'm attempting to not spent additional outside cash on the game :/ And, I'm busy dumping all the DEC I do get onto new cards. It was annoying that the game went down, since I was doing my dailies at the time :D

From what I know, many not owners would have got the land. It was so hyped that it triggered the FOMO and thus everyone went crazy on it. If it is going to be such an important past of the game then everyone should have got a fair chance and enough time to buy it. Things getting sold out in minutes is going to provoke monopoly. And such monopoly may kill the game even if it remains interesting features wise.

I hope you are recovering well. Have a speedy recovery.

The land sale was one end a huge success and on the other hand a disaster.

You are so kind, thank you!

I wish you well and to recover well.

I saw that land presale system is not working, and the few get around and get away with land. Splinterlands still doing nothing to make good place for competing. I am seeing ever day that a lot of in-game systems not functioning well and Splinterlands not working on it.

We could assume bots took lands and blocked Splinterlands server so many did not even see a buy button.

I didn't think about it and I totally agree with you! The little ones and those who have been in the game since the beginning should have their chance of buying guaranteed in some way.

Everything I read about the land sale sounds like it was a mess. Looks like they were trying to create a FOMO by having the first sale so small.

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Thanks for the draw and propose discussions, a lot of interaction on your blog, this is great.