Learn More About Splinterlands Tournaments Maybe Win 2500 DEC

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Okay, guys got another video to share with you. This time I am going to giveaway 2500 DEC to someone that watches it. You have to make a comment about what I was talking about in the video. I hope you don't mind that new setup but it is a bigger prize. This is a bit of a follow-up to my video about how to buy cards to get the best ROI. I wanted to talk more about the Tournaments as they are a great way to add to that return. It isn't that hard to get a feel for how to play the game and earn some payouts. Even the lower ones can add up to your weekly earning if you are able to get a few hundred or thousand DEC from a few. You will also start to learn what teams beat you and be ready for them. I know I do have just about every card at the bronze level and that is why I have won a few bronze events. You will need to know that different cards are better at lower levels and others are much better at high levels. One tip in low levels sometimes the Untamed guys have a better attack. Be careful of 1 attack range and melee as sheild will beat you and a few do have it. Keep in mind what you think you might see when you make your team. I hope you give this a listen and give me some feedback. I am not sure it was perfect but it is hard to hurry and still get into this stuff.

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That is a pretty nice video showing Splinterlands tournaments.
Couple of points.

  1. I think yes, legendary beta summoners are very useful. Plado, valnamor, peakrider and Selenia sky are very handy. I would go with plado and Selenia to begin with.
  2. Thanks for showing the dcity tournament. I have kept ignoring them as I don't have the entry tokens. But I'll go check them out now on.
  3. On the tournaments list you can add a filter for completed tournaments and further filter by the other drop downs to select the bronze ones. I found you searching for something you couldn't find. Another filter could reduce the list for you.
  4. The battle where you used Lorna in earthquake, the chicken could go as tank since luminous eagle had reach. Divine shield anyways wouldn't let the opponent sneak kill in first round anyways.

Thanks, man all good points and I will check out the filter lol how could I miss that.

I've shared your video on the telegram group. People there were discussion tournaments and I thought it would be relevant.

Nice video and thanks for the DEC. I also should participate in more tournaments but I have been afraid to do so. It does help alleviate my fears.

One question: For the entry tickets in the Dcity tournament, do I have to transfer the ENTRY tickets somewhere or do I leave them in the hive engine?

they can be left in hive engine if you use keychain not sure if you don't

Great video. In regards to tiebreakers, the reason why your back line monster went first was because it was ranged which goes before the Cerberus melee. Check out this article that @byzantinist wrote on tiebreakers: https://peakd.com/steemmonsters/@byzantinist/splinterlands-winners-and-losers-with-the-new-move-order-tiebreakers


Okay let me check it out.

As someone who is fairly new to the game what do you think the entry level investment to be competitive in bronze tournaments would be? I am really enjoying the game and community. I've worked my way through bronze into silver but I've hit a wall against these bots. I've been looking into tournaments but haven't tried one yet.

The Untamed Kobold Mining Tournaments are pretty easy to get all the cards for, since there's no legendaries and it's level 1 cards from one set.

I'll definitely look into those then. Thanks!

It won't be that much my guess is around $50 but you can start by doing a few teams you want to be ready for the untamed ones as those are current ones that are around more. There are a lot of no legendary ones than to get ready for the ones with legendary it will cost a bit more like another 50 to 100. Use the marketplace as cards are still pretty cheap there and look for other contests here.

That doesn't seem too bad. I'll give it a go. Thanks for the tips!

@tipu curate

Congrats jfang. I do like that people are trying to come up with novel tournaments. I think the Bullseye tournament idea that blackhear came up with. That one should be interesting, since I expect I'm not going to have much luck in most of the normal Bronze tournaments (ok, maybe the no legendaries ones... we'll see how that goes :D),and it will be interesting seeing people losing matches intentionally trying to come out with a middle ranking. Also nice to see Clove trying to apply that to some of her upcoming tournaments.

In your team against doctor-cog-diss at Bronze Blonderbuss Anytime tournament, you should always go with chicken at 1st place.

Good job with this post.

DCity tournament is very useful tip. Thank you for sharing.

@visashopper check this video out. @stever82 has done a good job explaining tournaments to newbies. I see you were asking about tournaments in the telegram group.

Thanks for sharing it

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It's a fantastic one.
Congrats to the winners and Good luck to future participants.