See The Land Plot Winners Win Some DEC and Laugh at ME

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Okay if you do watch this you will see me make a little mistake and send 11 plots instead of 1 to one of the winners. I hope that @thegcc sees this and can send me back 10 of them or won't be another land giveaway soon. I am pretty sure he will and will update the post once I find out. Other than that this is just a quick post to show the winners talk about land and what I think it is worth and some feedback from the AMA from last week. If you are watching on 3speak or Hive you can comment there to have a shot to win the 1000 DEC prize for this week. If you are watching anywhere else think about joining Hive it isn't a bad place to be if you are playing splinterlands.

Cool update @thegcc is a great guy and sent back the extra 10 I sent.

If 3speak is down you can watch my video here

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If you buy your spellbook let me know I will give you some DEC if you use my link.
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Gala Games Is working on their second game. They have a partnership with Splinterlands. I could really use 4 more people to sign up so I can earn another NFT they giving away for the next few weeks. Big thank you to anyone that signs up win my link.
If you want to join Gala Games go here

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Hi @stever82!!
I'm sure that was not a good feeling to send too many...😬

Thanks for having this awesome giveaway and for talking about land!!
I am a newer player and I look forward to the land functions and game enhancements with the secondary spell card phase etc.
I am 100% at the phase of 'need to upgrade summoners' and I like your suggestion. 😛

Glad I was able to win and I will try and promote your giveaways more!
I have noticed that a lot of the newer guild members don't enter so I will be sure to post the SL Giveaways in our Discord for their reference.

Feel free to give suggestions as to the best / other ways to share as I am still getting used to 3Speak, PeakD, Discord etc.

Thanks!!! 😃😃😃

Lol, just saw this. I sent the 10 back to you @stever82 :D Thank you for the land plot and doing this giveaway!

Mistakes happen. I hope @thegcc returns the 10 land plots. That sure is an interesting story of how cards were to be leveled up by use. It would definitely be something I would not mind doing, but I do understand that they wanted to keep cards valuable in-game.

I also think that the new system where you can play extra cards after seeing the line-up will make gameplay much more competitive and interesting. I wonder if they will have a level-up system or a limited use feature to ensure that the land cards are valuable.

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Guys if you want to win need to watch some of the videos and give some feedback.

Guys if you want to win need to watch some of the videos and give some feedback.

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Now actually having watched the video, one thing that they could to make lands constantly useful is for the constructed cards to be one shot items. It would mean that there would always be constant demand, though they would need to be cheap enough to not make it a waste to use in most matches. I'll be interested to see what they end up doing with the whole land and crafting mechanics.

Cards that level up via play would be a nice mechanic. I like that @UnitQM has been trying to do stuff to support new players with DEC/pack donations. Not sure what they official team will do, but the game can be fairly daunting to people coming in from the MTG/Hearthstone experience, where you can win packs through play relatively easily.

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"Little" mistake. ^^

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